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Luke Grimes Gives Major Shoutout to ‘Yellowstone’ for Featuring His New Song

by Brett Stayton
Luke Grimes Shouts out Yellowstone For Song Feature
(Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

After his new song No Horse To Ride was featured on the most recent episode of Yellowstone, Luke Grimes took to Instagram to show his appreciation. The actor who stars as Kayce Dutton on the show recently signed a big-time record deal with Universal Music Group in Nashville.

“Thanks for watching, and thanks Yellowstone for having my song in last night’s show. Means the world,” the caption reads.

It sounds like there might be some opportunities to see Luke Grimes play that song on stage sometime soon too. He recently shared that his new year’s resolution is to get out and share some live music with fans.

He’s already been announced as part of the lineup for the Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California. He’s on the schedule for April 30th. That’s the same night that Chris Stapleton will be rocking out as the evening’s headlining act. However, it sounds like some more concert dates could be announced in the near future.

Luke Grimes Said He Was Nervous Around Horses When He Started On The Show

He looks very comfortable in the saddle on the show. But Grimes isn’t too macho to admit that he was a little nervous around horses when he first started the role. He previously admitted that he had been on horseback a few times before, but nothing as intense as what the show would call for.

Prior to filming, he attended show creator Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy boot camp to help him get more confident in his horseback riding skills. Though he said it really took him about 2 years for the nervousness around horses to subside.

The Musical Ride From Yellowstone To Nashville

Luke Grimes certainly does not seem to be very nervous about his abilities as a musician though. Probably because it’s something he’s been doing his whole life. Only recently has he decided to take the leap into trying to turn it from a hobby into a dream.

He first announced his plans to pursue a country music career a year ago. By April he had made a few trips to Nashville and started writing with some folks already established in Nashville. He continued to prove he was dedicated to honing his musical craft and by December that hard work was recognized and rewarded.

Just before his first song dropped, he also announced that he had signed a major record deal. Up until he decided to get serious about becoming a country singer, he had not spent much time in Nashville. However, he was blown away by the creative community in Music City.

“I didn’t understand how this town works. And it’s been really amazing just seeing how the community of Nashville is. You go on a lot of co-writes, getting in rooms of people you’ve never met, and you spend a day trying to come up with something out of nothing. It’s a really amazing way to spend the day. I enjoy it a lot,” he said.