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Luke Grimes’ Song ‘No Horse to Ride’ Featured in ‘Yellowstone’ Midseason Finale

by Brett Stayton
Luke Grimes horses
(Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press)

Tonight was a big night for Yellowstone fans. Season 5’s midseason finale aired on TV, and like usual, music was a massive part of the episode. Luke Grimes, who stars as Kayce Dutton on the show, also recently signed a major country music record deal. Soon after, he released his first song, No Horse To Ride.

Well, it didn’t take long for that song to be featured on the show, and fans are loving it.

The build-up to the big show has been a bit tense. The storyline has been building toward some serious drama and conflict. However, the episode still had plenty of uplifting moments too. In addition to the Luke Grimes song being featured, Jefferson White’s character made a comeback. Jimmy is a fan favorite, and his return to the show tonight was applauded all across the internet.

The role of Jimmy has yet to make an appearance this season, until now. The character has spent much of Season 5’s storyline at the 6666 Ranch in Texas. Here’s to hoping he’s featured more prominently during the second half of the season.

To celebrate the return of Jimmy and the show’s premiere of No Horse To Ride, here are 7 of the very best songs about horses out there.

7 of The Very Best Songs About Horses

Beer for My Horses

This all-time classic song from Toby Keith and Willie Nelson tells a classic western story about saddling up to deliver some vigilante justice. Any good cowboy shootout ideally ends with the winners celebrating together at a watering hole somewhere. While cowboys like whiskey, apparently horses prefer a nice cold beer.

Horses Are Faster

This song is from fast-rising country singer Ian Munsick. He grew up on a ranch in Wyoming before riding on down to Nashville to pursue his musical dreams. The song is about a cowboy reassuring his lady that she’s all he thinks about while he’s out on the road and he’ll get home to her as soon as possible.

Horses & Weed

Back-to-Back appearances from Ian Munsick. The theme of this one is pretty straightforward. The guy just loves riding horses and smoking weed. Although his lyrics, vocals, and music say that same thing but with way more elegance and poeticism.

Barrell Racer Land

So this one doesn’t have the word “horse” in its title, but it’s about a horseback rider and there is a horse on the album art, so it’s close enough. It explores the ritzier aspects of rodeo life with a focus on rhinestones, costumes, pageantry, and buckle bunnies.

Horse With No Name

This is a classic throwback horse jam by the band America. It tells the story of a cowboy struggling to stay in the saddle as heat exhaustion and dehydration set in while he rides through the desert. Eventually, though some rain clouds roll in and all is well.

Faster Horses

This absolutely legendary song from Tom T. Hall tells the story of a young poet asking an old cowboy what the secret to a long and happy life is. The old man’s answer to that is pretty direct. Apparently faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money are what this world spins around.

Wildflowers and Wild Horses

It’s only fitting that we wrap up this list with the wonderful Lainey Wilson. The country music star’s first acting gig has been on this season of Yellowstone. Her song Wildflowers and Wild Horses is a perfect conclusion to the list.