Meet ‘Yellowstone’ Horse Wrangler Mark Warrack

by Thad Mitchell

One of the big themes so far in the fourth season of “Yellowstone” is the ranch’s commitment to owning the finest horses money can buy.

Speaking with his family and associate, John Dutton says they are “land rich” but need to increase capital. The solution is to invest in horses and the move seems to be paying off. Horse expert Travis, played by “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan, assists the Duttons with finding high-quality horses. With ranch hand Jimmy along for the ride, Travis takes the horses on the road to compete in shows. Competitions include spinning around in circles and the time it takes coming to a complete stop. The horses do exceedingly well and the Duttons cash in on their success, leading to a big payday. It is never said just how much money they won but the look on Jimmy’s face when he’s see the check amount suggests it quite a bit.

With horses a major theme for the fourth “Yellowstone” season, you need a professional making sure the animal actors are well cared for. That job falls on professional horse wrangler Mark Warrack and he is very good at what he does. In a Friday afternoon social media post, “Yellowstone” introduces Mark Warrack to its massive fan base.

“Horse wrangling isn’t an easy job, but Mark Warrack makes sure Angel and Leroy are ready to ride,” the Twitter post proclaims.

In the short video, Warrack explains a little bit about what he does on the “Yellowstone” Ranch as a Wrangler.

“This is my second year here,” he notes in the clip. “It’s a good outfit and all the people are good. Taylor (Sheridan) is good. Kevin (Costner) is good. Forrie (Smith) is good.”

Warrack certainly seems to enjoy what he does and working with horses.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith is a Close Friend of Warrack

It is then Forrie J. Smith that gets some camera time and he explains that he and Warrack are longtime pals. “Yellowstone” fans know Forrie J. Smith as senior ranch hand Lloyd Pearce on the show.

“Me and Mark go back to clear young riders,” The actor says of his friend. Warrack points out that their friendship dates back to the late 1980s.

“We’ve done stunts together and I am so proud to be working with him,” Smith says.

It will be interesting to see just how far the Dutton family goes with their investments in show horses. In the most recent episode of “Yellowstone,” we see the ranch hands working to break a couple of wild horses. It isn’t easy work and you see just how difficult breaking a horse can be when poor Walker gets bucked off a horse’s back just seconds after mounting the animal.

The next new episode of “Yellowstone” will arrive this Sunday.