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Montana Cafe Featured in ‘Yellowstone’ Facing Issue With Potential Customers: Here’s Why

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

One of the most pivotal moments of “Yellowstone” season four came inside of a long-standing Montana diner. Now the diner that the scene was actually filmed in has a problem.

It seems people are coming to the “Yellowstone” filming location for the sole purpose of taking photos. Workers at the diner say fans of the show are simply walking in, snapping a few photos and then leaving without ordering food.

Ruby’s Café in Missoula, Montana has been around for decades is known for its excellent cuisine. But now the small diner is more known as the scene of a “Yellowstone” shootout that left a main character dead. In a Facebook post, a Ruby’s Diner patron explains the situation and encourages people to have a meal there.

“I was very sad to hear the staff today at Ruby’s say how many people are coming in, just to take photos, not buy anything and leave since this episode of Yellowstone,” the social media and Missoula resident say. “If you go, sit down and eat some food! The lunch special today was pot roast and it was delicious!” 

In the comments section of the Facebook post, many posters urge diner-goers to support small businesses.

‘Yellowstone’ Shoot Out Scene Was Filmed in Real Diner

The diner shoot-out scene was one of the top moments from the fourth “Yellowstone” season. The scene serves to show just how devoted John Dutton is to doing the right thing (At least in this case).

John and his right-hand man, Rip Wheeler, are to meet up with Sheriff Donnie Haskell at the diner. Approaching the entrance of the restaurant, Rip senses that something isn’t right. John and Rip diagnose the situation and determine there are several men with guns inside. They grab a couple of guns for themselves out of John’s truck and head for the back door.

Once inside, the “Yellowstone” ranch owner and his sidekick are able to overcome and kill the burglars. Unfortunately, the is a casualty in this scene as Haskell takes a bullet in the chest from one of the perpetrators and dies. John helps him to call his daughter before he passes.

It is a terrific scene and the Montana diner provides the perfect backdrop for the intense shoot-out.

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