Nicole Sheridan Posts Touching Tribute to Legendary Cowboy Buster Welch After His Death

by Jonathan Howard

It was recently announced that legendary cowboy and cutting horse rider, Buster Welch, has passed at the age of 94. Welch was featured in an episode of Yellowstone just last season. So, it’s no surprise that he has a connection to the Sheridan family. For Nicole Sheridan, it is a very sad day. Welch was a hero for the buckle-winning cowgirl.

Welch started working on a ranch breaking horses at the age of 13. That’s not a job that’s easy for grown men, let alone young teenagers. His impact on the equine sports world is unmatched. He is the definition of Texas and his legacy will live on with the generations he taught and inspired, like Nicole.

Check out her touching post below.

In the caption, Sheridan wrote, “Today a legend moved on to greener pastures. Buster Welch transformed cutting, inspired and taught three generations of cutting horse trainers and enthusiasts. It was impossible to mee the man and not have it shape your life and your relationship to the horse. The man is gone but his lessons are his legacy, and they are timeless.”

When Buster Welch appeared on Yellowstone he was tasked with welcoming Jimmy to the 6666 Ranch. Well, you could say welcoming. However, he was tasked with making Jimmy a real cowboy. His punishment for going behind John Dutton’s back – when the young ranchhand participated in a rodeo event.

So, what else can be said about a legend like Buster? He was a storybook cowboy pulled straight from the TV or an old dime novel. While it isn’t a glamor sport, cutting is essential to cowboy life. Cutting is basically cattle herding, but competitively. And Welch was one of the best ever.

Buster Welch Defined Cutting for Generations

When Buster Welch turned 18, he was ready to start competing professionally in cutting. He was young but had all the experience and talent in the world at that age. So, when he joined the NCHA (National Cutting Horse Association) circuit, he took it by storm.

During his career, Buster would go on to win the NCHA world championship four times. Needless to say, he was absolutely elite, and by all accounts an even better person than he was a rider. Herding cattle isn’t for the weak of heart, and training horses can be one of the most frustrating but rewarding things you can do.

Nicole Sheridan’s wonderful words memorializing Buster Welch should be seen by all Yellowstone fans. It is a great send-off to someone that inspired her and likely thousands of others to pursue cowboy skills and competition. He mastered his skills over the course of decades. Rest in Peace, Buster.