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Peacock announces ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 streaming date

by Jon D. B.
Yellowstone Season 5 Beth and Rip
Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press, Yellowstone Season 5)

As with all previous seasons of Yellowstone, Season 5 will hit NBC’s streaming service, Peacock, and not their home studio’s Paramount+.

Unfortunately, this means Yellowstone‘s streaming world remains confusing. All spinoffs from franchise architect Taylor Sheridan will stream on Paramount+ in perpetuity. Right now, that’s prequels 1883 and 1923, with the series’ first sequel set to hit the service after it airs on Paramount’s cable channel, Paramount Network. Again, confusing – and we haven’t even gotten to Yellowstone proper yet.

‘Watch the New Season of Yellowstone on Peacock May 25th’ – NBC

A long time ago, before Yellowstone was the most talked-about show on television, Paramount sold the streaming rights to NBC. They did so because, well, it was a dinosaurian era in which streaming = Netflix. Now, just about every studio has their own streaming service, including Paramount.

In truth, this was only a few years ago. But the entire landscape of television has changed dramatically since. Paramount+ has become a force to be reckoned with thanks to Sheridan’s many spinoffs and shows. Having the streaming rights to all Star Trek content doesn’t hurt, either.

But for Yellowstone fans, this means Season 5’s streaming fate will remain… frustrating. As with all previous seasons,Yellowstone Season 5 will stream on Peacock starting May 25, 2023.

This means the first part of Season 5, episodes 1-8, will hit the streaming service exclusively. Once the rest of the season airs (which is whole other can of worms), it’ll hit Peacock, too.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 will be the end of (some) of the series’ frustrating watchability

And yes, in hindsight, Paramount is really kicking themselves over this decision.

It is what it is, though, and today, fans A.) Need Paramount Network through cable to watch the show when it airs. Then they B.) Need Paramount+ to stream all the spinoffs. Then they C.) Need Peacock to be able to watch previous seasons of Yellowstone after they hit television. It is genuinely too much to deal with for the average TV audience.

Not to mention the cost. Watching Yellowstone requires proper cable, which ranges anywhere from $60 to $200 a month. The cheapest viable option of the internet cable subscriptions is Philo, which is $25 a month.

Thankfully, streaming services must remain cheap to be competitive with Disney+, and cost far less. Both Paramount+ and Peacock have $4.99 options with commercials. Sans commercials is a few dollars more a month.

Add that all up, however, and you’re paying at least $40 with tax each month to keep up with a single franchise. Yee haa?

This will change, however. By the end of 2023, Yellowstone will end for good with Season 5. Paramount announced a direct sequel, the first non-prequel for the series, to take its place. It will do so immediately in December of 2023 on Paramount Network.

And once that sequel series finishes airing on the cable channel, it will hit Paramount+ – not Peacock. Thank the maker. At that point, most of the franchise will rest on Paramount+, at least.

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