Philo Issues Statement After Suffering Service Disruption During ‘Yellowstone’s Season 5 Premiere

by Sean Griffin
Photo credit: Paramount

Philo TV crashed within the first few minutes of the season 5 premiere of the show, and people online—specifically users of the service—weren’t happy with the mishap that caused viewers to miss the premiere of Yellowstone.

On Monday, the service issued a statement in response to the hour-long disruption during Yellowstone‘s Season 5 debut episodes.

“We had a significant disruption in our service last night from around 8pm – 9:15pm ET coinciding with the premiere of Yellowstone Season 5,” said Andrew McCollum, the CEO of Philo.

“Everyone at Philo feels truly terrible about letting our subscribers down in such a big way, and we’re deeply sorry. We created Philo because we wanted to make a TV service people loved, and failing at that last night for so many was painful for all of us.”

McCollum continued in the statement. “For fans of Yellowstone and The Walking Dead who were eagerly anticipating new episodes last night but couldn’t watch them in real time without interruption, or any of our subscribers just looking to relax and enjoy their favorite shows, we let you down and we understand your frustration with us.”

He then went on to explain that despite having prepared for months anticipating high traffic on this date, he said that they still “were unable to fully predict all the different stress points our systems would be under at scale.”

McCollum apologized for the disruption again, saying that the company understands the frustration. However, he then pivoted to announce a few concessions for viewers affected by the disruption.

Philo CEO Apologizes for “Falling Short” and “Letting Viewers Down”

First, McCollum informed viewers that the new episodes of both The Walking Dead and Yellowstone are available to watch on-demand now on Philo.

Then, McCollum announced that the company will be reaching out to subscribers in the coming days with some rewards for their mistake.

“We will be reaching out over email in the coming days with either a discount code or extended free trial for subscribers that bill directly with Philo,” McCollum said in the statement.

However, the company said they couldn’t offer all of their users discounts.

“If you are subscribed to Philo through Amazon, Roku, or Apple, we are limited in our ability to offer you a discount code, but we’d like to help out.” The CEO then offered for these customers to be billed directly and to have Philo’s support team assist with that process.

McCollum closed the statement with another round of apologies. He apologized to both long-time and new users, vowing to earn the trust of their customers back.

“If you’ve been with us for years, I hope you’ll recognize this as a rare situation we will work tirelessly to correct. If you’re new to Philo, I’m deeply sorry that this was your first impression — we aspire to do much better and hope you’ll give us the chance to prove that to you. Again, our deepest apologies for letting you all down.”