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Relive Beth Dutton’s Best Moments With This Montage of Her Snarkiest Scenes

by Jennifer Shea

In Yellowstone, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is a sharp and sometimes cruel font of snarky comments. And now everyone can watch a sampling of her greatest hits because Peacock has released a highlights clip on Youtube.

There’s Beth when we first meet her in Season 1, coolly explaining to the CEO of a company why he’s going to suspend his dividend and turn over control of the company to her firm. 

Then there she is taking a punch from Jamie, and looking him in the eye to say, “A man would have walked away.”  

There she is eviscerating a real estate agent and kicking him out of her office. And there’s Beth on the anniversary of her mother’s death, bathing in the water trough with a bottle of champagne in broad daylight.

There she is laying waste to a store where Monica (Kelsey Asbille) was strip-searched. And there she is dragging Jamie by the hair to force him to tell John Dutton (Kevin Costner) about the tell-all interview he’s done. 

The Season 3 finale left us with a cliffhanger about Beth’s fate. And with the cast and crew of “Yellowstone” still working on Season 4, viewers can only guess whether Beth lives or dies.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Reilly suggested it could go either way. But as the Peacock clip shows, Beth Dutton has already had plenty of memorable moments onscreen.

“Obviously I can’t tell you whether or not Beth makes it another day,” Reilly said. “But it’s an interesting question with any character. Is happiness something that is an ultimate end goal? Or is it something that kind of… there are moments of it in all our lives and days and… it doesn’t last. It’s like you touch it and you don’t try and hold on to it. I think there’s a great William Blake quote about that.”

Reilly explained that series co-creator Taylor Sheridan has much of the overarching storyline for “Yellowstone” already planned out. 

“Taylor has this whole thing planned out in his head,” she said. “He doesn’t know what’s necessarily going to make it on the page, but he has an overall kind of epic beginning, middle, and end for all the characters, and in the world of Yellowstone.”

In other words, there is an end to the series in sight. In the meantime, fans can only hope their favorite character makes it to the series finale, whenever that may be.