Sam Elliott Joins Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford at ‘1923’ Premiere to Talk ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoffs

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Paramount+)

Yellowstone fans have turned their attention to creator Taylor Sheridan’s next all-new spinoff, 1923, as the series prequel is set to premiere on December 18th. However, setting up 1923‘s future success is the mega-success of the original Yellowstone prequel, 1883, which made its debut last year. Actors Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford take center stage in 1923 as Cara and Jacob Dutton. However, preceding the latest pair of Dutton family linchpins are characters like James and Margaret Dutton (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill), LaMonica Garrett’s Thomas, and Sam Elliott‘s Captain Shea Brennan. During a Saturday panel discussion, Hollywood icon Sam Elliott met up with 1923‘s leading couple where they talked about their respective Yellowstone spinoffs and praised one another’s talents and careers.

Photos from the panel discussion show Sam Elliott (78) enjoying the company of 1923‘s Harrison Ford (80) and Helen Mirren (77). Other prominent members of the Yellowstone universe that also partook in the discussion include 1883‘s LaMonica Garrett and Elsa Dutton actress Isabel May.

Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford Sing Each Other’s Praises

During their discussion with Sam Elliott, Mirren and Ford reflected on earlier projects they shared and how they continue to work well together to this day.

“She’s wonderful,” Ford said of Helen Mirren while attending the red carpet premiere of 1923 Friday. “She’s just a lovely person, and so it’s been both a professional pleasure and a personal pleasure working with her again.”

Though Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford are sure to dominate headlines just as Sam Elliott did while 1883 was at its height, the two Hollywood stars previously worked together on other significant projects decades ago. The Daily Mail reports the pair first starred together in the 1986 drama, The Mosquito Coast.

Mirren shared equal admiration for the Jacob Dutton actor.

“When we first worked together,” the British actress began, “[Harrison Ford] was a huge movie star and I was like nobody.”

Despite that, she said the veteran actor taught her a lot about film acting “that to this day I’m still using.”

LaMonica Garrett Reflects on Filming ‘1883’ Alongside Sam Elliott

Just as Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford have formed a tight-knit bond while filming for 1923, so have LaMonica Garrett and Sam Elliott. Though the finale of 1883 aired nearly a year ago, Garrett continues to reflect on the friendship he has formed with Shea Brennan’s Sam Elliott as well as with his onscreen love interest Gratiela Brancusi and other costars.

Given that Sam Elliott continues to be an international icon, LaMonica Garrett said that, at first, working alongside him was nerve-wracking.

“First,” he said in a September interview, “you’re working with Sam Elliott, he’s a Hollywood icon, [so] you have those nerves going.”

However, that didn’t appear to last long.

“We had…a unique chance for a few weeks before filming during cowboy camp to really get to know each other, to hang out day in and day out…It was just us.”

Eventually, LaMonica Garrett explained, he, Sam Elliott, and the rest of 1883’s stars became like a tight-knit family. Reflecting on that experience, the actor concluded, “we benefitted from it.”