Sam Elliott Rocks Long Hair, Iconic Mustache in New Pic With ‘Yellowstone’ Creator’s Wife Following ‘1883’ Announcement

by Quentin Blount

Is there anything better than seeing Hollywood legend Sam Elliott as a part of 1883? The only thing better is if he went back to rocking his long hair in addition to his iconic mustache. Turns out that is exactly what he’s doing.

That’s right, Sam Elliott is bringing back his long hair for the new Yellowstone spinoff series. It wasn’t all that long ago we found out that a prequel to the hit Paramount Network show was in the works. And just like Yellowstone before it, 1883 will feature a star-studded cast including names like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and, of course, the great Sam Elliott.

Elliott is one of the most popular names in the film and television industry. He is widely known for his roles in The Big Lebowski and The Ranch. But more likely than not, when you think of Sam Elliott a couple of things come to mind. Those are his smooth, deep voice, and a mustache that some guys would kill for.

But it has been quite a while since we saw the revered actor with a head of hair all the way down to his shoulders. The last time in a movie anyway was maybe back in 2007, when Ghost Rider came out. Either way, we know now that he will be sporting the long locks in 1883. Nic Sheridan, the wife of Yellowstone and 1883 creator Taylor Sheridan gave away as much in her latest Instagram photo.

“Sunday’s with Sam #total #badass #cheers,” Sheridan captioned a photo of her and Elliott.

Sam Elliott Joins Tim McGraw, Faith Hill In ‘1883’

As if there wasn’t already enough hype for Season 4 of Yellowstone — are we right or are we right? We are just a couple of months away from the season premiere and Taylor Sheridan had to go and give us even more to be excited about.

Earlier this month, the Yellowstone prequel, 1883, announced some of its first cast members. And if you haven’t heard by now, they are not short on star power. In addition to Sam Elliott, the country music power couple of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will be joining the cast.

The married couple announced on social media that they would be joining 1883 in starring roles. Tim McGraw will be playing James Dutton, and Faith Hill will be playing Margaret Dutton — the patriarch and matriarch of the beloved family. The story will once again focus on the Dutton family as they embark on a journey out west to look for a better future.

As for Sam Elliott, the 77-year-old Oscar nominee will be portraying Shea Brennan — a cowboy who has a deep and troubled past.