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Sam Elliott Wins Best Actor Award for ‘1883’ Role at 2023 SAG Awards

by Taylor Cunningham
Sam Elliott 1883
(Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images)

Sam Elliott nabbed the 2023 SAG award last night for his flawless and tear-jerking performance in 1883.

The 78-year-old played Shea Brennan in the Yellowstone spinoff. Brennan was responsible for getting the Dutton family from Tennessee to Montana, and he was successful, to a point. But he carried a horrific tragedy with him and met a heartbreaking end.

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While Elliott wasn’t convinced he’d walk away from the night with a win, he prepared a speech just in case.

Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega and Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza had the honor of handing Sam Elliott his trophy. It took a moment for the actor to collect himself before finding his words.

“Wonder if anybody else is gonna read anything tonight,” he said. “I do this because I didn’t expect to be up here. I only have 43 seconds to say this and I’ve already wasted half of that.”

“What can I say in 45 seconds after just receiving the most meaningful acknowledgment of my 55-year career?” he humbly asked the crowd. “From a group of my peers, many of whom I don’t even know or know only from afar, as a fan who respects their work, I can say thank you and that I’m honored and grateful to be in your company.”

“But I can say thank you. I can tell you that I’m honored and grateful to be in your company, whether in this audience or at home,” he continued. “After seeing the work of my fellow nominees, I’m not sure I should be standing up here. But I’m sure I’ll get over that.”

Sam Elliott was the Only ‘1883’ Star Honored at the 29th Annual SAG Awards

Sam Elliott’s 1883 performance was up against Taron Egerton’s in Blackbird, Steve Carell’s in The Patient, Evan Peters’ in Dahmer, and Paul Walter Hauser’s in Blackbird. This was the first nomination Elliott earned from any awards organization for the role.

Sam Elliott was also the only 1883 cast member recognized by SAG.

“I’m gonna treasure this guy, this gal, because it comes from all of you, my brothers and sisters from SAG-AFTRA,” Elliott proudly added. “I’ll treasure it as a constant reminder of 1883. What a gift it was for all of us on both sides of the camera.” 

“Thank you Taylor Sheridan for your brilliant script,” he concluded, “and David Glasser, and everyone else at 101 Thank you to Paramount, thank you to my team, and thank you to my wife, my beautiful Katharine, my partner through thick and thin, and the mother of our beautiful daughter, thank you, ladies and gentlemen”