See ‘Yellowstone’ Stars’ Best Behind-the-Scenes Shots Ahead of Season 5

by Lauren Boisvert

“Yellowstone” season 5 is another month closer, and we’re gearing up by looking back on all the sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes photos that the cast has been posting on social media. If there’s one thing we love here, it’s a good sunset photo of the Dutton Ranch. So, let’s take a look back at some of the best behind-the-scenes shots from the “Yellowstone” cast.

1. Wendy Moniz Shares Series of BTS Pics From Set

Governor Perry actress Wendy Moniz recently shared a series of photos from various “Yellowstone” season 5 sets, expressing her gratitude for the opportunities in the caption. “It is a gift to work doing something I love,” she wrote. “and specifically working on this show. It’s a gift to be in and around this nature, it’s a gift to be surrounded by so many talented actors, and such a hard working crew. It is a privilege to be a part of this killer storytelling. This is a gratitude post…please enjoy the view.”

2. Cole Hauser Shares Pics ‘Pushin’ Cows in the Big Hole’

Rip Wheeler star Cole Hauser posted a few pics from up on his horse while he and his costars wrangled a herd of cattle. “Pushin cows in the Big Hole… just a slice of heaven,” he wrote on Instagram. “No WiFi out here, but I promise you will find a better connection.” It seems like the cast was filming a few scenes in Big Hole Country, which is a gorgeous valley in Montana surrounded by mountains. It’s known for incredibly harsh winters but exceptional fishing.

3. Denim Richards Shared A Ton of Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Videos

Denim Richards, who plays Colby, has posted a few great photos and videos from the season 5 set. He’s highlighted the awesome work they’re all doing together, as well as the amazing scenery around the ranch. “Let’s go to work!” he wrote on one recent snapshot of the main barn, “Yellowstone” logo on display. The sky is incredibly clear and blue, and it looks like a hot, yet perfect day in Montana.

4. Denim Richards Continues to Make ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Jealous

In addition to photos, Richards has also been posting incredible videos of the ranch. He posted one of a beautiful sunset panning over the corral, showcasing the horses and the mountains behind them. He simply captioned the video, “Picturesque,” which is right on the money. The scenery looks just like a painting.

5. Finn Little Lets Everyone Know the Chopper is Back

Finn Little, who plays Carter, shared a photo of the Dutton Ranch helicopter, which we haven’t seen on “Yellowstone” in a while. “Above and beyond!” he wrote in the caption. He also used tags like “YellowstoneTV,” “onlocation,” and “grateful.” The Dutton helicopter was a staple of the family’s wealth for a few seasons before it mysteriously disappeared. Now, it’s back, and we can’t wait to see how it’s going to be used in season 5.

6. Kelly Reilly Shares Rare Look at ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Scripts

In an Instagram story in early July, Beth Dutton star Kelly Reilly posted a snapshot of scripts for the first 6 episodes, minus episode 3, which I’m speculating is the flashback episode. Eagle-eyed fans on Reddit scoped out the episode titles as well: ep. 1 – One Hundred Years is Nothing; ep. 2 – The Sting of Wisdom; ep. 4 – Horses in Heaven; ep. 5 – Watch ‘Em Ride Away; and ep. 6 – Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow, and You.

If you ask me, episode 6 sounds very Beth & Rip. Episode 1 could have an “1883” or “1923” tie-in, or at least some sort of call-back to the time. Additionally, episode 2 makes me think someone is going to find out a big secret that could have a huge effect on someone or some sort of backlash. Could it be Kayce learning the truth about his vision quest? Or is Beth using her leverage against Jamie? Whatever happens in season 5, it’s definitely going to be big, and we are beyond ready for it.

7. Cole Hauser and Forrie J. Smith ‘Cruise’ Down the Highway

Back in June, Cole Hauser posted a badass photo of himself and costar Forrie J. Smith riding their horses down the middle of a Montana highway. With perfect green fields on either side of them and the sky dusted with clouds, the two cowboys look like two true outlaws riding into town. “Cruisin the highways on #montana @forriejsmithcowboy look out,” Hauser wrote in his caption.

8. Jen Landon Posts About ‘Downtime’ On Set

Teeter star Jen Landon recently posted about how she likes to spend her downtime on the “Yellowstone” set. She posted a gorgeous photo of herself and a horse on Instagram where she’s braiding the horse’s mane in a bunch of cute little braids. “My favorite thing about my job is how we get to live during our downtime,” she captioned the photo. It’s nice to see that it’s not just go-time at all moments on the season 5 set, and also nice for Landon to share the bonds that she’s made with the horses. She also recently posted another photo hanging out on set with her horse all decked out for filming.

9. Cole Hauser Shares a Peek at His ‘Office’

Cole Hauser called this his “office” on Instagram, but we all know what he’s doing here couldn’t even be called “work.” It’s too serene. The Rip Wheeler star posted a photo of a beautiful river back in June, writing, “My office @yellowstone S5” in the caption. The scenery looks so peaceful and idyllic, with green stretches of riverbank, plentiful trees, and just a peek of mountains in the background.

10. Finn Little Posts Gorgeous Photo of Montana Scenery

Recently, Finn Little posted a stunning photo of a mountain range on location. He’s been frequently posting from the set over the past few months, sharing rare glimpses behind the scenes. This photo is just pure beauty, though. A green valley dotted with scrub bushes, a wide mountain range, and a hazy blue sky all come together like a landscape painting. It barely looks real, and it’s almost hard to believe that such beautiful places exist. As always, Little used the hashtag “#grateful” to share how much he appreciates the opportunity to be part of “Yellowstone.”