Shane Smith on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode 1 Appearance: ‘Beyond Grateful’

by Jim Casey
photo courtesy of Paramount

If you’re a Yellowstone fan, you know the Paramount TV ratings monster routinely features some of the best tunes on television. The Season 5 premiere on Nov. 13 was another exceptional soundtrack, with songs by Robert Earl Keen (“Shades of Gray”), Dolly Parton (“Mule Skinner Blues”), Zach Bryan (“Whiskey Fever”), and Hayes Carll (“Happy Hour”). In addition, Shane Smith & the Saints had three cuts featured during the premiere. And the hard-touring Texas troupe—Shane, Bennett Brown, Dustin Schaefer, Chase Satterwhite, and Zach Stover—became just the second band to perform “live” on the show (Whiskey Myers appeared in S1E4 in 2018).

The quintet was the the live entertainment at the Yellowstone Ranch during John Dutton’s celebratory gubernatorial party. The band performed “Dance the Night Away” (from their 2013 debut album, Coast) and their brand-new single “Fire in the Ocean.” Later in the episode, “Alex,” another tune from Coast, was featured.

“We’ve worked so hard for such a long time without opportunities like this. So we’re just beyond grateful,” said Shane Smith. “It’s been a lot to take in.”

‘Yellowstone’ Boost

Of course, fans of Shane Smith & the Saints are probably well aware that the Season 5 premiere isn’t the first time the band has received a Yellowstone boost.

During S4/E3 in November 2021, series creator Taylor Sheridan—as character Travis Wheatley—capped the episode by name-dropping “Shane Smith and the f—ing Saints” while “All I See Is You” (which was also the title of the episode) played in his truck. The following week’s Episode 4 opened with “All I See Is You.”

“Yeah, it’s just crazy,” said Shane to Outsider in 2021. “I don’t know. It’s absolutely bizarre. We’re so used to having to work our asses off to get any kind of movement on the needle. And then all of a sudden you get this placement. I’m really thankful for it. It’s definitely new territory for us that we’re not used to at all. But I’m just extremely thankful for the nudge forward.”

In addition, Shane Smith told Outsider he was willing to thank Taylor with a full band set. And it seems Taylor took him up on the offer.

“Dude, I asked our manager to contact [Taylor Sheridan] and I was just like, “Tell him he’s got a free show whenever he wants it. We will show up. I’ll fly us out or we’ll take the bus out. Whether he wants to do it on the Four Sixes or he wants to do it at a wrap party. Or in L.A. or whatever. We will show up and do a full band show for those guys.” They haven’t taken us up on it yet, but I hope that they do.”