EXCLUSIVE: Stephanie Quayle Reveals Personal Connection to ‘Yellowstone’ TV Series

by Matthew Wilson

Singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle is a busy person. She’s quickly becoming country music’s next big thing after all. But even she makes it a priority to watch “Yellowstone.”

Quayle stopped by in an exclusive interview to discuss her song inspirations for her newest single “By Heart.” And you know, we had to ask her what she thinks about John Dutton and the gang. It turns out that Quayle knows a few things about Montana. She’s actually a native to the state, born and raised in Bozeman.

“I’m originally from Boseman, which is the town that’s depicted a lot in the show,” Quayle told Outsider’s Hunter Miller. “But where our place is in Montana is out in Paradise Vally, which is also a topic of discussion.”

There’s nothing quite like seeing your hometown get turned into a hit television series. Quayle relates to the Dutton family because she grew up on a farm. Her Montana roots run deep.

Stephanie Quayle’s Step-Son Appeared in the Show

The show has quickly become a source of inspiration for Stephanie Quayle and her family. Eagle-eyed fans might be able to spot her step-son in the show’s third season. The “If I Was a Cowboy” singer revealed that he appeared as an extra on the show.

“My step son actually was actually a little cowboy extra in the third season,” Quayle said.

But while Quayle may enjoy the drama and the twists and turns, her favorite thing about the show is that it takes place in Montana. Quayle feels a little nostalgic every time she looks at those mountains and natural beauty on her TV screen. While she also bounces time between Tennessee and North Carolina, nothing compares to the beauty of her hometown.

“It’s become a family show within our family,” Quayle continued. “With me being from Montana, I love watching it because I grew up on a farm. So the horses and the drama and all that’s great too. But I love just getting to see Montana. It’s beautiful.”

When “Yellowstone” returns for Season 4, Quayle will likely be among millions of viewers waiting to see how that cliffhanger resolves itself.