Taylor Sheridan Discusses how Paramount+ Helps Him Share Stories, ‘We Share the Same Vision’

by Jon D. B.
(source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

Mountain of Entertainment, indeed. Prolific Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is detailing the incredible relationship he and Paramount Network have developed over the course of the show – and how it will impact all his work moving forward.

“Prolific creators like Taylor Sheridan can build entire universes from a single show,” the network raves of the creator on Twitter. The praise comes as part of Paramount+’s VIACStreaming Event, where the company is revealing all the Sports, News, Originals, and Movies coming to Paramount+. And as Yellowstone fans are discovering, this means a whole lot more from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan – all within a shared Yellowstone universe!

In celebration of Yellowstone, Y:1883, and the newly announced third spinoff: 6666, Taylor Sheridan dives deep into his working relationship with Paramount Network, detailing how the two have developed their incredible partnership.

“As a storyteller, our job is entertain first – educate second – and enlighten third,” Sheridan begins of his storytelling philosophy for Paramount.

“What we’ve done with Yellowstone is so rare to do,” the creator continues. “I was always fascinated when I came up with the story of Yellowstone – about how do we make it bigger? And how do we expand it?” he asks.

As it turns out, Sheridan is able to do so because he and Paramount “share the same vision,” he says.

“To work with a company who is willing to trust the artist, and really gamble… It’s the most important thing. Paramount+ is the future of our industry. We share the same vision. We want to tell these stories – and we will do that,” he concludes.

Taylor Sheridan Building His ‘Yellowstone’ Empire

Earlier in the interview, Sheridan expresses his amazement at Paramount’s willingness to bag the biggest stars in Hollywood for their “small screen” ventures.

“It’s extremely rare to work with actors of this caliber,” he smiles. This, of course, applies to the heart of Yellowstone: Kevin Costner. It also applies to his upcoming show: The Mayor of Kingstown, which will star Jeremy Renner. We can only assume, in turn, that both Y:1883 and 6666 will cast huge names in lead roles, as well. Or we can hope, at least!

Concerning 1883, Taylor Sheridan seems particularly excited for this premise.

“This new show explores different eras of that 130 year legacy,” he says of the historical fiction. “What an opportunity – to witness the first Duttons that come to Montana. And we see them when they were homesteading. When we say the Wild West, what that really means is a West beyond the reach of the rule of law. It really is the beginning of an empire before it was an empire.”

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