Taylor Sheridan’s Family: Meet the ‘Yellowstone’ Creator’s Children

by Courtney Blackann

While Taylor Sheridan has been carefully crafting himself as the mastermind behind a plethora of new projects for Paramount+, perhaps his greatest successes are less about ratings and more about being a dad. Though the “Yellowstone” creator is surely enjoying the bountiful return on investment with the evolution of the Dutton family and all that entails, Sheridan also takes pride in being a husband and devoted dad. With so much emphasis on the writer, we thought we’d take a look at the people who inspire Sheridan the most.

Taylor Sheridan: A West Texas Cowboy

To understand Taylor Sheridan as a father means looking at his own life. Hailing from West Texas, the 51-year-old actor-turned-writer always looked at things a bit differently. This is perhaps why he’s known to break rules when it comes to writing scripts or creating stories.

But aside from life in front of or behind the camera, the “Yellowstone” and “1883” creator found love. And it definitely wasn’t as complicated as the likes of Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler.

Life and Love in the Sheridan Family

In 2013, Sheridan married actress and model Nicole Muirbrook. The two have been public about just how head over heels they are for each other. Now going by Nicole Sheridan (Nic Sheridan on social media), the gorgeous brunette is also adopting some of her husband’s favorite hobbies. This includes fishing and riding on horseback.

And most recently, Taylor Sheridan expressed how thrilled he was that his wife took home a trophy for her participation in a rodeo. This is something she’s been doing for quite a while. And the two are happy to share the hobbies together.

“Man, it’s just an incredible experience,” Nicole Sheridan said after her most recent event. “I’m so happy and proud to be part of this event so dear to my heart and many others. What a night. Just, it’s like, I can’t even—this is like the best night of my life, by the way… I still can’t believe it, this is my first buckle I ever won! I am like on cloud nine right now.”

Taylor Sheridan Has One Child, Gus

And if the two Western enthusiasts and real-life ranchers tell you anything about their lifestyle, then you’ll understand why the couple’s only child Gus is quickly following in his parent’s footsteps. Gus was born to the couple shortly after they announced their marriage in 2013. And he’s already taken to the country life: fishing, riding horses, and the works.

And while Taylor doesn’t discuss his family much in interviews, it’s clear that spending time with the people he loves most is a high priority. The two haven’t said if any more kids would be a part of their future, but for the small family they are, they sure are soaking up the best life has to offer.

Creating Art That Comes from Complex Characters

Another interesting part of Taylor Sheridan’s story comes with his beginnings in Hollywood. He wasn’t having much success as an actor and he always saw scripts with complex plot lines that seemed to overpower the characters.

For this reason, Sheridan made it a point when he developed his modern westerns like “Hell or High Water” and “Wind River” to do the opposite. On keeping the plot simple, the writer could then focus on the complexity of his characters. This, he says, made for a much stronger story.

“Plot is just not my gift. I’m fascinated with complex characters, and that doesn’t mix well with complex plots. And by the way, when the plot is simple, you can move one piece around and make it feel fresh. Hell or High Water’s a good example: I don’t tell you why the brothers are robbing the bank,” Sheridan once recalled.

An Empire Created with Paramount+

He’s taken this approach to “Yellowstone,” “1883” and the new “Mayor of Kingstown.” Additionally, Sheridan also has spinoffs “6666” and “1932” in a mix of several other projects announced by Paramount+. In fact, Sheridan solely put Paramount on the map as a top streaming service with the success of “Yellowstone.”

With so much left to accomplish, it’s safe to say that Sheridan is in the driver’s seat of whatever story he has for his own life. And with a strong love of family, we foresee them sticking by his side in every future endeavor.