Taylor Sheridan Ups ‘1923’ to Two Seasons of 8 Episodes Each

by Jon D. B.
Actor Harrison Ford attends the 56th Annual Cinema Audio Society Awards at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown on January 25, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Initially a limited series, Taylor Sheridan is opting for a two-season run of 16 episodes total for his Yellowstone prequel, 1923.

Rapid, exciting casting and feverish filming have been the name of the game for the Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren-led 1923. The next spinoff courtesy of series mastermind Taylor Sheridan, 1923 was previously announced as a limited series to hit Paramount+, the studio’s wildly successful streaming service.

Today, however, Paramount announced via Deadline that the Depression-era sequel has become “such a sprawling saga” that Sheridan requires two seasons to tell his latest Dutton tale. And as expected, his 101 Studios and producing MTV Entertainment Studios have greenlit his evolving plan.

Negotiations are still underway for the actors to return for a second season, however. Initial cast contracts were for 1923 as a limited series. But the show has become anything but, as filming has now stretched far beyond Montana to include South Africa, Tanzania, and Malta.

According to Deadline‘s exclusive from the studio, 1923 will now take the form of a two-season series. Each season will be 8 episodes long, creating a whopping 16-episode, globe-trotting vehicle for Ford & Mirren.

The bulk of 1923 will still take place in Montana, though, as the early 20th century Duttons form the Yellowstone Ranch we’ve come to know in Yellowstone proper. And their empire won’t stop there. Following the success of the first prequel, Paramount+’s 1883, Sheridan is also developing current-day Yellowstone spinoff 6666. That series will take place on Texas’ Four Sixes ranch, the state’s largest, which Sheridan now owns.

‘1923’ To Greatly Expand the Dutton Family Tree

In those 16 episodes, Harrison Ford will give life to Jacob Dutton, the Depression-era proprietor of the Dutton Yellowstone Ranch after the death of his older brother, James Dutton (1883‘s Tim McGraw). Jacob becomes a father figure to James’ oldest son, John Dutton I, and oversees the Dutton’s legacy throughout Prohibition and the Great Depression.

1923 cast. Photo credit: Getty Images, Outsider)

For 1923, the adult John Dutton I will be portrayed by James Badge Dale. In this story, John is taken under the wing of his uncle Jacob. The goal? Readying him to inherit the ranch himself before the events of Yellowstone. Meanwhile, Helen Mirren will serve as the new Dutton matriarch as Cara, wife to Ford’s Jacob.

There’s a whole lot more to unfurl here, too. For a full breakdown of the show’s place in Yellowstone‘s timeline, be sure to see our The Dutton Family Tree: From ‘1883’ to ‘1923’ to ‘Yellowstone’ next.