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Taylor Sheridan Says ‘Yellowstone’s Critical Recognition Is ‘Long Overdue’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Joe Buglewicz/WireImage/Getty Images)

One does not need to wonder how Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan feels about his shows. He is especially happy with one’s SAG nomination.

Sheridan, who also has 1883 out now with other shows coming up, talked about the Screen Actors Guild honor with Deadline. The publication asked what does the nomination mean to Sheridan as Yellowstone starts getting critics and awards looking at it.

“That I’ve hired some of the most talented actors out there to bring these characters to life, and to see them be recognized is long overdue,” he said. “I will say this, it took the coasts a bit to find this show, and once they found it, they’ve responded to the talent, the dedication of the actors.

‘Yellowstone’ Creator Notes All The Honors From ‘Your Peers’

“When you’re nominated for an award by any of your respective guilds, it’s the greatest honor you can receive,” Sheridan said. “Because it’s your peers. It’s a lot of actors saying, that was really good acting. That means a lot to them, and it should.”

A number of Yellowstone cast members showed up for Sunday night’s SAG Awards ceremony. Hassie Harrison, who plays ranch hand Laramie on the show, was asked about the show. She replied with a little joke about the co-stars’ matching floral suits.

Ian Bohen, who plays ranch hand Ryan, said, “Our showrunner cast the show perfectly. He knows all the personalities and he put them together, and we’re just like family.”

Harrison, Bohen Talk About Cast’s Ability To Come Together

How is this so? “Every day is like camp, and we just play,” Bohen said. Then Harrison added: “We all get to live in Montana together and make bonfires and actually hang out.”

“It’s genuine love,” Bohen said. Another actor on the red carpet on Sunday night was Yellowstone star Luke Grimes. The interviewer there looked at Grimes and said, “Finally, recognizing the show!”

The person then asks, “Why do you think it took so long?” Grimes said: “I just don’t think the coasts were really watching the show at first. You know, it sort of resonated quicker with middle America, and now everyone’s sort of caught on, and everyone’s paying attention, which is great.”

Grimes said the show’s success starts as a testament to Sheridan’s writing. “It starts there,” he said.

“It’s a really well-written show, and you have characters who say the things you wish you could say in real life, you know what I mean?” Grimes said. “Everyone sort of has the perfect thing to say at all times and I think people really enjoy that about it.”

Yellowstone will return for Season 5 on the Paramount Network. Storylines involving John, Beth, Rip, and others await to be fleshed out more by Sheridan and his crew.