The ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Premiere Moment That May Have Game-Changing Implications

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone’s raucous two-part premiere laid the groundwork for Season 4 in a big way, with this one reveal changing everything. And as always, be warned of massive Yellowstone Season 4 spoilers moving forward.

While Season 4, Episode 1 was more or less a continuation of Season 3, Episode 2 set up the story moving forward in a big way. One specific scene, in particular, felt like a footnote at the time, but as fans have been discussing in the time since – it may be the most important scene in the two-part premiere as a whole.

Getting straight to the point is u/talesofkenji over on Reddit’s Yellowstone board. “So, the buried elder from the flashback scene is obviously the archeologically important find that shuts down construction,” the Redditor states. They acknowledge there’s a healthy dose of “speculation” in their statement, but it rings true.

For those who watched Yellowstone‘s premiere live on Paramount Network, S4 Ep2 hit with another sneak peek at the upcoming prequel series, 1883. It came at the pivotal moment the Redditor cites above, too; tying the two series together. Or so we think.

To that end, the talesofkenji adds that “Assuming this is a six-season show, we have many twists and turns left. But in terms of Market Equities and their plans to ruin the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, doesn’t it seem that the discovery of the skull points the way to a liaison of ranch and reserve, thereby boxing out ME?”

Will ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Reveal a ‘New Hybrid Power’?

If the Redditor’s hunch turns out to be correct, Market Equities and bigwig Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) will hit a huge wall when trying to develop any of the Yellowstone land in question.

“The show tells us that the ranching way, reserve system, and modernity can’t coexist without fights, but also gives us the character Tate Dutton, who obviously represents the fusion,” talesofkenji continues. “Ergo the finding of a major Indian relic on the Dutton ranch echoes that heritage and the rise of a new hybrid power.”

All of the above, which the Redditor cites as “Just my $00.02” could very well be the game plan for Yellowstone moving forward. And it may explain why we saw very little of Tate Dutton in the first two episodes of Season 4. Will the only Dutton grandson – a child of two worlds – have a much bigger role in the episodes to come?

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how 1883 ties into everything we see in Season 4 this December. Once the Modern Western is finished airing, 1883 will pick up the timeslot and throw us way back for a period-correct, true Western. And we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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