These ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Were Confused About John Dutton’s Status in Season 4 Premiere

by Jennifer Shea

Is John Dutton (Kevin Costner) a goner on “Yellowstone”? To some viewers, the show’s choice of medical jargon seemed to suggest as much.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the Season 4 premiere yet and don’t want to ruin the suspense, read no further.

In a new Reddit thread, one “Yellowstone” fan pointed out that hospice care requires a less-than-six-months life span prognosis. It also usually follows the decision to give up on medical treatments for the condition in question.

“Yet he was being given meds? Fluids?” the fan posted in confusion. “I don’t recall John refusing chemo/radiation. Hoping it was just an error on semantics…”

Was It Just a Semantic Error? And Where Are the Medical Staff’s Gloves?

Another “Yellowstone” fan pointed out that in an earlier scene, the doctor had told Beth (Kelly Reilly) that John had a blood clot that could break free and kill him at any moment. So perhaps that explains what Beth told Jamie (Wes Bentley) about their father’s care level?

No, the original poster insisted, “blood clots can be easily treated. Hospice means death is certain.”

“And for Christ’s sake can we get the medical staff some gloves?!” she added, although the lack of realism on that front may be an effort not to waste PPE needlessly.

 “I agree,” another fan chimed in. “Just an error in semantics. Hospital home care would be a better description.”

Yet another fan suggested to the original poster that she turn the medical side of her brain off while watching “Yellowstone.” After all, when it comes to the gruesome injuries that the Dutton clan have suffered, a little realism goes a long way.

On ‘Yellowstone,’ John Dutton Has Been Through a Lot

From vomiting blood into a toilet to being operated on by a veterinarian, Costner’s character had already been through a lot before a drive-by shooting left him riddled with bullet holes by the side of the road. To make matters worse, he decided to scrawl a description of the van carrying his attackers into the pavement with his own blood, leaving his hand looking gnarled and purplish.

During the brief hospital scene before John arrived back at the ranch with a home health care aide, we learned that he had a dangerous blood clot that doctors were trying to treat. Beth snarled something at the doctor about being told he might never wake up, but her father recovered, and was soon ambulatory enough to don his cowboy hat and fire the home health care aide.

John has been stitched up pretty good, however, and he and Kayce (Luke Grimes) both bear the scars of the attacks that nearly claimed both their lives. The retribution for those attacks promises to be both violent and dangerous. Meanwhile, Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) is trying to untangle who was behind the attacks from the account of one accomplice who made his way to Rainwater’s casino.

It’s not over yet, not by a long shot. Don’t miss the next episode of “Yellowstone” this Sunday, exclusively on the Paramount Network. And listen here for an Outsider podcast on “Yellowstone”: