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This Kevin Costner Pic From ‘Yellowstone’ Behind Scenes Is the Definition of Cowboy Grit

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Viacom)

It’s just a classic Cowboy Grit behind-the-scenes photo to set up another fine “Yellowstone” episode, but Kevin Costner knows how to get his fans show-ready.

The 66-year-old Costner posted a thirst trap photo in ranch garb with a black cowboy hat walking along the beaten path in his worn boots. You could almost hear the gravel crunch under his feet.

You know the ladies love it. Even though Costner posted the photo a day before the episode, the fans came back to post and applaud how much they liked how it when. All told, 41 thousand people liked the photo by night’s end Sunday.

“Yellowstone” Season 4 Premiere A Winner

According to the entertainment website Deadline, the show sucked in more than 8 million total viewers for the Nov. 7 premiere.

It was the best for any cable show in the past three years, beating shows like “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead.”

Somewhere, a Paramount+ Network executive was thinking about another 2 or 3 more spinoffs this week. Now, if only there were some crossover shows, they could do.

One more thing. That Season 4 premiere notably was the most-watched episode of television since a similar-scoring episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” in 2018. Man, now I bet Costner’s happy he didn’t bug out of the series after the first season.

According to The Daily Mail, the show beat out CBS news show “60 Minutes” and “NCIS: Los Angeles.” Those shows trailed “Yellowstone” with 7.5 million and 5.3 million views, respectively. 

Costner’s Band Music Doesn’t Have To Be On Show

While Costner’s band toured this year and promoted its “Tales From Yellowstone” music, the actor told CMT he never insists the music be on the show.

“That wouldn’t seem right to me,” Costner said. 

Costner said he and his bandmates play. He admits he lets show creator Taylor Sheridan and the music people make the best decisions for the show.

But he said he could submit something if he wanted.

“I haven’t really used songs that I sang on,” Costner added. “I feel like I would be making some kind of violation if it was me singing.”

“Yellowstone” Star Happy Shows Taken Off

The actor also told CMT that “Yellowstone” works because Sheridan’s “really tapped into something” about the Duttons and their Montana ranch.

He admits everything about the show’s backdrop is appealing, and sometimes an idea “catches wind, and it just really files.”

Add the Bitterroot mountains, the historic valley, the images of running horses that could run forever, and even the weather, and it’s been quite the recipe for television success.

“I think people are catching on to it,” Costner joked. “And (they’re) enjoying my dysfunctional family.”