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This ‘Yellowstone’ Behind-Scenes Pic of Ryan Bingham Is Cool as It Gets

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Press Center

Apparently, “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White is a photographer in his free time. And he captured an awesome behind-the-scenes pic of Ryan Birmingham on set earlier.

White posted the incredible picture on his Instagram page earlier today. The soft, black-and-white photo comes from a 35 mm film camera. White managed to capture Birmingham while he played guitar in the Montana woods. He still has his cowboy hat on and everything, looking as cool and relaxed as ever.

“Ryan on 35mm, Yellowstone Season 4,” White captioned the post. This isn’t the only cool shot he’s taken on the 35 mm film camera.

Earlier this week, the “Yellowstone” star also posted an amazing picture of Forrie J. Smith. We see the cowboy sitting on a fence post, huddling under a warm winter jacket. The show wrapped filming in November 2020, and it likely got super cold then just as it is now.

All kinds of cast members seem to have shown up in White’s photographs. Earlier this year, back in April, White posted another series of photos from behind the scenes of “Yellowstone.” We see Smith and Birmingham, once again. There are also incredible shots of Ian Bohen, Denim Richards, and Cole Hauser. For the full range of photos, make sure you check out White’s Instagram here.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: How Did Jimmy Betray John Dutton?

When “Yellowstone” finally returned this week, we got to see our favorite ranch hand alive and (mostly) well: Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White). Only it looks like Jimmy’s in a big heap of trouble with John Dutton.

Back in Season 3, Jimmy got into a horrible accident while rodeoing that almost paralyzed him. John promised to pay for his medical bills so long as Jimmy promised never to rodeo again. But he broke that promise at the end of Season 3, getting back on the horse after mostly recovering from his injuries. The horse soon bucked him off and Jimmy fell unconscious during an explosive Season 3 cliffhanger.

Now, after watching the first two episodes of “Yellowstone” Season 4, we know Jimmy’s alive. But he’s destroyed John’s trust in him because he broke his word. During Episode 2, John tells Jimmy that he’s not fired just yet, but he will be leaving the ranch.

Jimmy will join horse trainer Travis Wheatley (Taylor Sheridan) on the road to Texas. Hopefully, John says, Jimmy can learn to cowboy from the original crop of them. If they can’t help him learn how to be a proper cowboy, then Jimmy’s all out of luck.

We’ll see what happens next for Jimmy and the rest of the Duttons in Sunday’s episode on the Paramount Network.