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This ‘Yellowstone’ Fan May Get Run Off the Internet With This Rip Wheeler Hot Take

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Of the many wonderful characters calling the “Yellowstone” Ranch home, there are none more loved by fans than Rip Wheeler.

We all know Rip’s backstory and how he came to make “Yellowstone” his new home. Orphaned as a child, he is taken in by John Dutton and his family. He immediately goes to work on the ranch and excels as a cowboy, eventually working his way up into a leadership position.

Blessed with excellent leadership qualities and an “alpha male” mindset, Rip is the undisputed leader of the ranch’s bunkhouse crew. He would later relinquish that title to Kayce Dutton upon the suggestion of John Dutton. Rip shows incredible loyalty by allowing Kayce to beat him in a fight as the bunkhouse crew looks on. Throwing the fight with Kayce cements Kayce as the new leader of the “Yellowstone” cowboys.

It’s a terrific scene that fans of the show have watched over and over. It also serves to demonstrate the lengths Rip will go to in order to appease his boss and future father-in-law.

But, are there some “Yellowstone” fans out there who don’t care for Rip? Apparently, there are. Rip was the subject of a recent discussion on the forum site Reddit. Let’s take a look at what one fan has to say about our favorite cowboy in black. In a thread titled “Anyone else hate Rip Wheeler?” the fan lays out their reasoning.

“Recently started watching the show and have made it to S2 EP2 and I just have to say I can’t stand Rip,” the Redditor says. “He just comes off as a bully and they try to make too badass trying to portray that be can easily beat an ex-navy seal in combat.”

These might be fighting words to some “Yellowstone” fans.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Defend Rip Wheeler and His Actions

If you were to take a poll among “Yellowstone” fans and ask them who their favorite character is on the show — Rip would most likely be at the top. It’s easy to tell how loved the character is by the number of Rip Wheeler Halloween costumes out there over the weekend. As you might expect, fans had plenty to say about this.

“Finish watching all the seasons. You may change your mind. I did,” one Redditor suggests.

Nope! We all love him” another “Yellowstone” fan says.

With a new season on the horizon, “Yellowstone” fans are anxious to see what is in store for Rip. One must think he won’t be too happy with the events of the third season finale. We can’t way to see how Rip responds to the attacks on his boss and future bride. It might just be the butt-kicking of the year followed by a trip to the train station.

We will find out this Sunday when the fourth season finally arrives.