This ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Thinks They’ve Solved All of John Dutton’s Problems

by Thad Mitchell

With a return just over a month away, “Yellowstone” is preparing for its epic comeback for the Paramount Network series’ fourth season.

There are tons of questions that the upcoming new season of “Yellowstone” must answer. Chief among them is the status of Dutton family members that were attacked at the end of season three. If you will recall — John, Kayce and Beth Dutton was ambushed by an unknown entity as the final seconds of season three tick away. John Dutton, patriarch of the influential Montana family, is shot several times in the chest. His status for season four is unclear, though most believe he survives the attack due to a well-placed cell phone.

If John Dutton miraculously survives the attack, he is far from out of the woods. He may live to fight another day but that fight is growing more and more dangerous by the day. Seemingly everyone wants what is rightfully his — Yellowstone Ranch. The Broken Rock Tribe thinks the property rightfully belongs to them. Market Equities will also seemingly stop at nothing to take control of the land. There is even turmoil inside John’s own family as his adopted son, Jamie, has eyes on overtaking the ranch. In a recent Reddit thread, a “Yellowstone” fan says they have the answer to John Dutton’s blue.

“Idea to save Yellowstone: Why don’t they simply put Yellowstone into a trust in Tate’s name?” the Redditor says. “Thereby making it owned by a Native American and protects it from eminent domain, taxes, etc.”

It is an interesting idea, to say the least. Tate Dutton, John’s only grandchild, is also the son of Kayce and Monica Dutton. This makes him half Native American on his mother’s side. Property owned by Native Americans is heavily protected in the United States.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Says Tate Dutton is the Key to Protecting the Ranch

This Reddit poster suggests that if Tate were to own the property, it would fall under Native American protection acts.

Another “Yellowstone” fan says “not so fast” and says putting the ranch in Tate’s name would not garner protection

“Tate owning the land would not protect it from any of those things,” another fan says. “Tate owning the ranch would be the same as John owning it.”

Of course, this is a television show we are talking about here and so real-world rules and laws may or may not apply.

It does seem that Tate Dutton is being groomed to eventually take over command of “Yellowstone” Ranch. He spends much of his time at the ranch, mingling with the bunkhouse cowboy crew. Tate is quite you so he wouldn’t likely take over the operation until much later. One has to wonder if the events of the third season finale might speed up that timeline.

We hope to get answers when “Yellowstone” returns on Sunday, Nov. 7.