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This ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Walker Teaser Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Press Center

The tension keeps getting higher and higher as we edge closer to the premiere of “Yellowstone” Season 4, Outsiders.

Earlier this morning, the show teased us with yet another ominous message leading up to the new season. Today’s stakes-raising quote comes from Walker, the one branded man who’d rather be anywhere than at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

The quote from Walker reads, “It’s going to be hard to come back here. If I were you, I wouldn’t.”

Walker left the ranch once back in Season 2. Kayce Dutton was supposed to take him to the train station, but he let the man go free instead. Under the condition that he never return to Montana or anywhere near the Dutton Ranch. But Walker, being on parole, couldn’t stray too far. That’s why Rip and Lloyd found him singing in a bar towards the end of Season 3.

The “Yellowstone” crew let Walker come back and work on the ranch in exchange for not dying. Despite hating the things he’s seen on the Dutton Ranch, Walker’s become a full-fledged branded man. Now, it looks like he’s warning someone else not to make the same mistake.

It could be another ranchhand or drifter who left. It could be a villain (*cough* Malcolm Beck *cough*) coming back to get revenge on the Duttons. Or it could even be us, the viewers, that he’s warning. Walker might be cluing us into more unpleasantness to come in Season 4, or possibly the deaths of some of our favorite characters.

It’ll be interesting to see which other “Yellowstone” characters the show uses to hype up the Season 4 premiere this Sunday. So far, we’ve seen Walker, Laramie, Ryan, Monica, and Tate in these new promos. That leaves major characters like Rip, Beth, Jamie, Kayce, and John left.

Could ‘Yellowstone’ Kill Off Jefferson White’s Character Jimmy in Season 4?

Earlier today, Jimmy actor Jefferson White posted an ominous message on his Instagram page. The “Yellowstone” star posted a throwback photo of Jimmy from Season 1, along with a caption that worried fans.

When we left off with Jimmy in Season 3, he’d just gotten out of the hospital for a rodeo accident. During the finale, he decided to try hopping on a bucking horse again because he didn’t want to give up rodeoing (or his new girlfriend). But the horse threw him into the dirt, and Jimmy lay unmoving as the episode ended. Could this be the end of everyone’s favorite bumbling ranch hand?

“Season one of @yellowstone in advance of the season four premiere this Sunday. Cross your fingers,” White wrote in his caption. He seems to be saying we should cross our fingers that Jimmy lives. “Yellowstone” fans just might be devastated after the Season 4 premiere on Sunday, Nov. 7.