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Tim McGraw Says He Would’ve Lasted ‘A Week’ in ‘1883’ Before Settling Down

by Jon D. B.
Pictured: Tim McGraw as James of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2021 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking to Outsider, 1883 star and country icon Tim McGraw laughs he would’ve settled down far sooner than his James Dutton.

“They were really tough people!”

There’s plenty of gorgeous land to be had in between Texas and Montana. Which is exactly why 1883‘s own Tim McGraw would’ve bet on a nice spot far sooner than his fictional counterpart. As part of last week’s roundtable interview ahead of the Yellowstone prequel, McGraw sat down with Outsider and told us he would’ve lasted a week, maybe.

“I told Faith when we first started shooting this… We’re learning to drive wagons, we’re reading the script and it’s 110 degrees,” Tim says of his work in 1883 alongside partner in crime, Faith Hill. “I would’ve went a week! And the first river we came to I would’ve said, ‘Y’know, this looks like a pretty good place right here,'” he laughs. “I think we should stay right here!”

In the end, McGraw tells us “I don’t think I would’ve made it any further than a week. I mean, they were really tough people!”

@thetimmcgraw told nothing but the truth when we asked him about the adversity the Dutton’s face in @1883official.


Tough, indeed. From constant warring with Indigenous Peoples to smallpox and outlaws, the Westward Expansion was one of the most turbulent and perilous times in American history, something we’re covering extensively here on Outsider.

‘1883’ Sees McGraw’s James Dutton Tough it All Out via 19th Century Grit

While few of us 21st-century folks will ever be as tough as our 19th-century ancestors, Tim McGraw may be selling himself a bit short. The duo recently spoke to USA Today, too,  about the wild challenges of creating an authentic version of the year 1883.

“The elements were the most challenging thing. It was either super hot or super cold,” McGraw begins for the trade. “But it’s also another character in the show – the vistas, the scenery. Being in the elements on horseback and doing the things we’ve been able to do has been special.”

To this end, McGraw adds that “Without these locations, I think – seeing real mountains in Montana, seeing real high plains in Texas, seeing all of the things you see, the backdrop is just as important as anything,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in another interview. “I mean I’ve heard the camera guy say several times, ‘Gosh we just point the camera in that direction and you guys say your lines and we got a great shot.’ That’s just how beautiful it was.”

Talk about grueling, but a fine day’s work, as well! 1883 continues exclusively on Paramount Plus.