Tim McGraw Takes in ‘1883’ Sunrise Ahead of ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel Premiere

by Suzanne Halliburton
Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas

1883 star Tim McGraw is posting about sunrises. Let’s count how many until the show premieres.

That would be four. Officially, 1883 fans, as of Wednesday morning, you have four more sunrises and five sunsets to see this new show.

In particular, McGraw commemorated one of the beautiful moments of a special sunrise. He posted a photo on Instagram, with the cutline: “Sunrise in 1883!”

That 1883 Sunrise Could Be From Texas or Montana

Let’s circle back to what 1883 is about. It’s the prequel to Yellowstone and should give fans some answers as to how John Dutton came to be the patriarch of his amazingly entertaining and so very dysfunctional family. It’s why we love watching.

In 1883, McGraw portrays James Dutton, the great granddad of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton. Country superstar Faith Hill, McGraw’s wife, is his partner on the show, too. She plays Margaret. The two of them are in Texas and set off with other adventurous settlers to move to what they hope will be a better life in Montana.

McGraw very well could be taking snap shots from outside Fort Worth, Texas, where most of the show was filmed, starting earlier this year. Taylor Sheridan, the creator of both Yellowstone and 1883, lives on a ranch outside Fort Worth. Other parts of the series are filmed in Montana.

And because it’s McGraw in the role, the country star also is entertaining folks on sets between takes. He sings. It’s like private 1883 concerts. How cool.

“Somebody says something, and it reminds me of a song, so I start singing,” McGraw explained in an interview with CBS This Morning earlier this week.

“I’m sure [the cast and crew are] pretty tired of it by now, but you know, there’s going to be a little levity on set. Because everything is so dramatic on this show, and there’s a lotta heavy stuff going on. So, you know, every chance I get to sort of lighten it up a bit, I try to.”

Check out the clip and you can see McGraw rocking his full, 1883 beard.

Co-Star Said McGraw Creates His Own Set Songs

1883 cast member LaMonica Garrett replied to McGraw’s snapshot with two strong arm emojis. He confirmed earlier in the week to People magazine that yes, the country star friend likes to sing a lot. And he’s creating his own music, on the spot.

“He’ll sing, ‘the horse is angry today’ in a jingle,” LaMonica said. “You know, he’s a singer and that’s what singers do, they sing about their own stuff and everything else.”