WATCH: ‘1883’ Star Eric Nelsen Performs Musical Number with Gracie McGraw

by Jonathan Howard

It seems that Eric Nelsen made some connections on 1883 and is teaming up with Gracie McGraw in a new Instagram post. Now, we know that the actor worked with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in the Yellowstone prequel, Gracie’s mom and dad on the Dutton origin story. However, he’s tapped the help of the 25-year-old McGraw for a little duet.

While I’m not a big Broadway or Off-Broadway guy, I can respect the art of theatre. These two clearly know more than I do. So, they performed a little number from an award-winning show.

So, check out This is Perfect for You from Next to Normal by Eric Nelsen and Gracie McGraw.

The play is pretty interesting. It is a rock musical released in 2008. By the time it started to make its Broadway debut, it was growing in popularity. That led to eleven Tony Award nominations and three wins that year. In 2010, the production was given the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The eighth theatrical work to earn the award.

Gracie McGraw and Eric Nelsen Were Hyped to Sing Duet

Needless to say, these two were excited to perform this. They both put a lot of effort into it, with the looks on their faces, and everything.

“[Eric Nelsen] texted me with the idea for us to perform this song together and of course I said YES!!!!!” the caption said on Gracie’s video. “I never got the chance to see this show live but I always wanted to as it is such a great great show. Eric, this was so much fun to do with you!!! Can’t wait for us to do more soon!!!”

“Was way too much fun,” Nelsen responded in the replies.

Maybe these two will share the stage together in the future?

Of course, Nelsen has a connection with the family through 1883. Apparently, that has led to more connections, including with Gracie. Do you think we’ll be seeing more of this, Outsiders?

Gracie Recently Turned 25

It was earlier in May when Gracie celebrated her 25th birthday. Born in 1997, the first daughter of her superstar-duo parents, Gracie has had a relatively regular life. As regular as you can get for being the kid of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. However, she has aspirations in entertainment. That much is clear from her video with Nelsen.

Perhaps we will be seeing Gracie on the big or small screen sometime soon. She is always posting videos of herself singing and doing different bits of songs. From radio singles to Broadway, she has done it all, and she does it without regard for her neighbors.

She knows she can get a little loud while singing, but she doesn’t care.