WATCH: Kelly Reilly Says ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 ‘Is Gonna Be Bloody’

by Samantha Whidden
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(Photo via Paramount Press Network)

While preparing for Yellowstone’s fifth season premiere, Kelly Reilly revealed some major details about the upcoming season. During an inside look at the upcoming season, Reilly said things are going to get seriously violent on Yellowstone. “Her father just wants to be a rancher,” Relly said about Beth’s father and Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton. “He said he doesn’t want to be a politician. So we get to see a lot more of the political world in Montana and what that means. 

As the cast talks about Yellowstone and how it makes good storytelling, Kelly Reilly hinted at some violence during the season. “It’s gonna be bloody,” she declared. Yellowstone’s 2-hour season premiere will take place on November 13th. The episode’s description reads, “John Dutton puts his family and land first – even as he’s sworn in as governor of Montana.”

Kelly Reilly Spoke About What Drew Her to the ‘Yellowstone’ Role 

Kelly Reilly recently spoke about her interest in taking on the role of Beth in Yellowstone. “I remember the desire to get the role was very strong,” Reilly recalled to the Independent. “It was pretty [instinctive] how much I wanted to play her.”

Kelly Reilly then said that she certainly hadn’t seen the sort of character Beth is on TV. “I find her more in plays,” she continued. “These enormous women like Medea or Lady Macbeth. There was something huge about her and powerful and terrifying.”

Also speaking about her acting career prior to Yellowstone, Kelly Reilly admitted that she wasn’t a natural performer. “I was very introverted, very shy,” Reilly explained. She noted that the confidence came out more due to desperation. “It came out of just an absolute need – I really wanted to be an actor. I really wanted that to be my life.” 

Reilly Says She’s Never Worked With One Actor As Much As She Has With ‘Yellowstone’ Co-Star Kevin Costner 

Meanwhile, Kelly Reilly opened up about working with Kevin Costner and the Yellowstone set. “This has become a third home,” she declared. I said to Kevin the other day, ‘I’ve never worked with one actor as much as we have.’”

However, she admits that playing Beth can be brutal emotionally. “There are days where I play her, where I love her and I admire her, and I envy her. And there are other days where I feel sick to my stomach. I just have to remember that this is pure fiction and it’s heightened. And I am not her, she is not me.”

But she does enjoy Beth’s fighting personality. “There’s something really refreshing about seeing a woman be so unapologetic about that. Men get to do it all the time in fiction. They’re the heroes. When a woman gets to do it, she’s just a bitch, or she’s a slut, or she’s whatever. And I don’t see her like that. I see her as nuanced as I see myself, and I see most of my female friends. And that, to me, is what’s interesting.”