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WATCH: Paramount+ Details Painstaking Process of Bringing Those Old-School ‘1923’ Photos to Life

by Shelby Scott
Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren as Jacob & Cara Dutton '1923'
(Photo credit: James Minchin III/Paramount+)

Authenticity is key when it comes to shows produced by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. Even if that means extra work for its crew members. As we wait for the midseason premiere of 1923, Paramount Plus took fans behind the scenes of how those stunning old-school photos, seen in the opening credits, are brought to life. Take a look at the painstaking process below.

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Working with the Penumbra Foundation, an art and photography nonprofit based in New York City, Paramount Plus detailed how orotone photography works.

The first and most obvious step is actually taking the photo. After capturing an image of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as 1923‘s Jacob and Cara Dutton, the photographer then has to navigate handfuls of steps before ending with a complete photo. These steps include working with glass plates, collodio-chloride, contained light exposure, salt baths, and more. Finally, we’re left with a stunning finished product.

1923 fans, stunned by the sheer amount of work it takes to complete a single photo, flocked to the comments.

“Wow, the reason photos were such a major event at that time!!!” one fan observed.

A second viewer commented, “Thank you for sharing this with us[,] it was wonderful to see.”

Be sure to catch the next new episode of 1923 when it airs on Paramount Network Sunday, February 5th.

‘1923’ Star Harrison Ford to Appear in New Apple TV+ Series

1923 star Harrison Ford is demonstrating his prowess as an actor, taking on a new kind of role in Apple TV+’s brand-new series, Shrinking. Starring How I Met Your Mother‘s Jason Segel, Harrison Ford sheds the chaps and cowboy hat belonging to Jacob Dutton, instead becoming a “blue-collar shrink” known as Dr. Paul Rhodes.

Based on the trailer, which you can view here, the new series uses comedy to explore a much more complicated emotion: grief. Segel plays a struggling therapist known as Jimmy Laird. Segel’s character, who is one of two therapist proteges at the 1923 star’s character’s clinic, is struggling to adapt to life following the death of his wife. With that, he begins to take a more hands-on approach to helping his clients overcome their own problems.

Ford’s character tries to explain how wrong Jimmy’s new approach to counseling truly is. In Rhodes’ office, Jimmy says, “I think I can help people if I get my hands a little dirtier. We know what they should do. Don’t you ever wanna shake them?”

Ford’s Dr. Rhodes replies, “we don’t shake them. Are you just gonna burn down your career and take me with you?”

The two completely different character types of 1923‘s Jacob Dutton and Shrinking’s Dr. Paul Rhodes will demonstrate to fans how vastly talented Harrison Ford is as an actor and Hollywood film stalwart.