WATCH: Tim McGraw Talks Starring With Faith Hill, Sam Elliott in ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff ‘1883’

by Anna Dunn

Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill have been cast in the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, 1883. 1883 will follow an earlier generation of the Dutton family as they head west over the great plains. The singer shared his excitement in a recent video on Instagram.

“Hey guys, so as a lot of you probably heard, we’re on to a new project and we’re pretty excited about it. Faith and I get to star alongside Sam Elliot, I mean goodness gracious, for the new Yellowstone prequel called 1883,” he said. McGraw and Hill will play Husband and Wife Margaret Dutton and James Dutton. Elliot will play the man tasked with guiding them across the west and up to Montana.

McGraw is Thrilled to Be a Part of the Project

“It’s going to be a fantastic family Saga about the original Duttons and their journey to Montana and how they found the ranch up there. It’s written by Taylor Sheridan of Course, who wrote Yellowstone and a bunch of other great stuff.”

Sheridan, who’s at the helm, has always had an affinity for Westerns despite their lack of Modern mainstream popularity. Leaning into that niche has suited Sheridan well.

“He’s one of the most special writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading to or from,” McGraw continued. “And we couldn’t be more excited. Now, a lot of you asked about my beard, so now you know why!”

You can watch the video below. In the same post, McGraw also shared an image of the 1883 script.

McGraw and Hill are both best known for their music, but these major roles could give their names even bigger resumes. Faith Hill also spoke out about her role earlier today on Twitter.

“Finally the day has come when I get to share some exciting news with you! I will be playing Margaret Dutton, the original matriarch of the Dutton family in the Yellowstone prequel 1883. Just wait, you have never seen anything like this!” she wrote.

McGraw Called the New ‘1883’ Role a ‘Dream Job’ In a Statement

In a separate statement, McGraw talked about how excited he was to play James Dutton.

“The Duttons are tremendous characters, and it’s so thrilling to be able to bring them to life. As a kid growing up riding horses, you think about dream jobs like this, and I am just so excited to work with this amazing cast and crew,” he said.

With Sheridan at the Helm, and a trio like Hill, McGraw, and Elliott, many Yellowstone fans are incredibly excited about 1883. A call for crew members for the show was recently posted, and it’ll reportedly start production later this month, so fans shouldn’t have too long to wait before getting to see the show.