WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Cast Beckons Visitors Back to National Park After Historic Flooding

by Jon D. B.

With a gorgeous new behind-the-scenes feature, the Yellowstone cast is doing their part to welcome visitors back to their namesake, Yellowstone National Park and Valley.

“Our namesake Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas experienced devastating flooding earlier this year. But thanks to the resilience of the community, Montana is open for business!” posts the official Twitter of television’s #1 show. We’d explain more, but it’s best to let the cast do the talking.

“We’re here on location in the beautiful state of Montana filming the new season of Yellowstone,” begins the show’s own Kayce Dutton, Luke Grimes.

“Just as the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch must overcome the adversities it faces, our namesake, the Yellowstone Valley and surrounding Montana communities, face their own set of challenges,” adds Jamie Dutton’s Wes Bentley.

“As a result of record rains and melting snow, the Valley and surrounding communities experienced disastrous flooding,” recalls Mo’s Moses Brings Plenty.

“But thanks to the resilience of this incredible state, the park has since reopened,” lauds Thomas Rainwater’s Gil Birmingham.

“And Montana’s iconic wildlife and scenic drives don’t stop at the park’s borders,” cites Monica Dutton’s Kelsey Asbille.

“Our stunning trails, communities, and backcountry are waiting for your return,” Brings Plenty continues.

“So visit Montana to experience the small-town charm and breathtaking landscapes for yourself,” Birmingham adds.

“We’ll see you on the trails,” concludes John Dutton icon Kevin Costner.

‘Yellowstone’ Partners with ‘Visit Montana’ to Bring Tourism Back to the State

Alongside Paramount, Yellowstone is partnering with the state’s Office of Tourism agency. Through Visit Montana, travelers can access “the most current information, with resources, links, itinerary ideas and more to help you make the best and most informed travel decisions possible so you can keep making meaningful memories” in the state.

“With 147,000 square miles of terrain that include badlands, glacial-carved peaks and untouched places, navigating Montana can be overwhelming, especially with changing conditions in Yellowstone National Park,” their site’s Updates page reads. “We’re here to help.”

As the Yellowstone cast also cites, the historic flooding of Yellowstone National Park and Yellowstone Valley wreaked unprecedented havoc on the gateway communities of southern Montana. Local communities lost all revenue streams from their main source, tourism, for the entire peak summer season of 2022.

But with the help of Paramount, Montana hopes to see fans of the park, the wilderness, the culture, and the show, return. We can all do our part to help the state and national park recover by visiting Montana. It’s a win win, one Visit Montana does a fine job of assisting with.

As for the show, Yellowstone will also return for Season 5 this November 13, exclusively on Paramount Network. You won’t want to miss that, either.