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WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Dave Annable Announces Baby No. 2 Is on the Way in Adorable Video

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tasia Wells/Getty Images)

Yellowstone alum Dave Annable had a fun video to share today. A great Mother’s Day video announcing that baby two is on the way. The Annable household is going to have one more added soon. Their daughter Charlie was the one who was really surprised by the whole thing. It was all for her it seems, anyway.

There isn’t much else I can say without you checking out the video first for yourself. So, check it out below, and get the tissues close by. You might need them.

“I guess it’s not traditional to give your kid a gift on Mother’s Day. *Exceptions do apply,” the actor said in the caption. “What a beautiful way to celebrate [Odette], the soon to be mama of 2. We certainly know Charlie is excited.”

The video is just wonderful. You can tell that soon-to-be big sister Charlie is very happy that her mom is carrying a sibling. You just love to see videos like this. And, you know that Charlie is going to be the best big sister ever for her new brother or sister.

Dave Annable plays Lee Dutton on Yellowstone off and on. Annable is always one to post about his family, updates about his daughter, and things like that. Including the fact that Charlie does jiu-jitsu… which she can teach to her new sibling soon. Isn’t that what siblings do?

Of course, the actor has a more consistent role in Walker. Clearly, he has something for modern westerns. Most of all, Annable is a family man. The girl-dad is clearly looking forward to adding another little one and he and his wife Odette are going to have a lot going on in the near future.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Dave Annable Lands New Gig

Most recently, or at least, the beginning of April, Dave Annable found his next gig. There is a new NBC drama coming out called Blank Slate. It’s a supernatural law enforcement show that is coming soon to NBC. Matt Passmore and Floriana Lima are the two main leads on the show.

There’s this new thing it seems where all the new shows are either westerns or are some kind of crossover between genres. I’m not complaining, just making an observation! I welcome any and all new takes on shows and genres and typical dramas. This sounds like anything but typical.

So, he might not make many Yellowstone appearances, but Dave Annable has made himself one of the best side character actors out there. When he shows up, things will get emotional, dramatic, or suspenseful. It’s almost guaranteed.

Oh, and congrats to Dave, Odette, and Charlie on the upcoming addition!