WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Gil Birmingham Can Absolutely Shred on the Guitar

by Courtney Blackann

It’s not a requirement to be musically inclined to appear in the hit “Yellowstone,” but it seems as though everyone on the show absolutely kills when it comes to musical ability. This is also true for Gil Birmingham. The Thomas Rainwater actor shows that he can slay on the guitar in a new video.

While Gil Birmingham is no doubt a gifted actor, he’s also a real-life guitar-playing machine. In a video on Youtube, the “Yellowstone” actor is killing it with a solo performance at the Native American Music Awards.

And it’s something you have to see to believe. If only Thomas Rainwater and the Bunkhouse Boys could come together for a jam session, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much contempt on the Dutton ranch. However, Thomas is not the guitar playing type. But Gil Birmingham is a real-life solid musician.

Not only is Birmingham showing his technical strength, he plays with passion and soul, proving he’s a bonafide guitarist. And as you listen to the “Yellowstone” actor build on the composition, he also displays his amazing fingerwork.

While some fans may just now be learning about Birmingham’s ability, his fellow actors have long known about his extracurricular talents. He once played with Jeff bridges while filming “Hell or High Water,” another Taylor Sheridan project. The two would jam whenever they could in between filming.

“We spent about a week together…and that provided a great opportunity for Jeff and I to just get to know each other musically speaking,” Birmingham said in an interview with the San Antonio Current. “Every day Jeff would ask me, ‘Did you bring your guitar?’ I would say, ‘Jeff, when are we going to get a chance to play? We’re doing 14-hour days!” He’d go, ‘You never know.’”

“Yellowstone” Star Gil Birmingham Advocates for Native Americans

Birmingham, who also advocates for Native American culture, was thrilled to join the cast of “Yellowstone.” This is because he loves being able to highlight his native culture and share a part of that story in a mainstream setting.

“I love it, personally,” he proclaims. “One of the highlights is to have a prominent Native American character in a contemporary piece that’s empowered and not playing a victimization portrayal, you know?”

The actor also shared that he loves being able to work opposite Kevin Costner in such a dynamic role.

“I love working with Kevin Costner,” he says. “The few scenes that I’ve had … I haven’t had that many scenes with Kevin, but he’s really a lot of fun to work with. He’s a very intense individual. He loves to rehearse. But carrying the lead of a show, where you’re working practically every single day is so exhausting. I just try to give the actors that got that kind of workload the space they need.”