WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Highlights ‘Best of John Dutton & Sheriff Haskell’ with Intense Feature

by Jon D. B.

Few of Yellowstone‘s supporting characters have factored as heavily into the life of John Dutton as Sheriff Haskell. Which means it’s time for a look back at their complicated, poignant relationship ahead of the series’ return with Season 5.

Many an audience member did not like Sheriff Donnie Haskell in the early throws of Yellowstone. And with good reason. The crooked cop’s first main storyline was an attempt to frame Rip Wheeler and hurt John Dutton in the process. But it’s the tense scene that follows between John’s Kevin Costner and Donnie’s Hugh Dillon that shows there’s far more history to their relationship than meets the eye.

“Look at me. What the hell are you up to?” John asks his old friend. “Heard you got a membership at the sporting club. How much is that costing you on a sheriff’s salary?” John scoffs after Haskell’s half-baked answer.

Their dynamic would only prove more interesting – and volatile – as the seasons rolled on, leading to one of the most heartbreaking exits for any character in the show’s first four seasons. Be warned of spoilers for these seasons of Yellowstone ahead:

A look back at the relationship between John Dutton and Sheriff Haskell from Yellowstone Seasons 1-4.


From Beck Bros. to Local Militia, Sheriff Haskell was Integral to ‘Yellowstone’s Seasons 1-4

By the time the Beck Brothers closed in on John and his family, it resulted in a heart-to-heart that showed us the true nature of the history between Haskell and John. Eventually, a bought-off Haskell finally found the courage to aid his old friend against these unhinged brothers. But it took the kidnapping of John’s only grandson, Tate, to sway the sheriff.

Donnie does what’s right in the end, and his story becomes a highlight of the first seasons. By Season 4, however, Haskell takes a much more straight-forward role in the story. That is, until he finds himself in the middle of a militia hold-up in John’s favorite diner.

There, Haskell breathes his last in what has to be the most heartbreaking death scene of Yellowstone so far. And fans are commenting in droves on Yellowstone’s latest feature to pay their respects to the character in kind.

“That was such a tragic & sad way for Donnie to go. His character was complex and his loyalty at first was shaky but in the end Dutton appreciated him. He put his ass on the line to get those responsible for his assassination attempt by the militia,” comments Raja K.

“Made me emotional when he called his daughter. I remember when I was in Iraq. I wasn’t scared to die. I was scared of the chaplain going to my mom’s house,” echoes Cody S.

But it’s Justin L. that sums up Sheriff Haskell’s Yellowstone arc perfectly. “Started off hating him, turned to liking him, ended up pissed he went out like that. I loved his character development.”

Yellowstone will return for Season 5 this November 13 via a two-hour event, exclusively on Paramount Network.