WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Releases Intense New Trailer About Jimmy Breaking His Promise to John Dutton

by Jon D. B.

“There’s two roads in life,” Rip Wheeler narrates in this latest Yellowstone Season 4 trailer. “One is you’re winning or learning. The other is you’re losing. All the way to the grave.”

How’s that for a Western fortune cookie? As fans know, we left Jimmy (presumably) lifeless in the dirt of the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch by the end of Season 3. And by the looks of this brand new trailer, things are only going to get worse for the young buck.

Though, let’s be honest: “Young buck” may not be apt. Jimmy is old enough to be making far better decisions for himself. For example, if your employer (see: John Dutton) pays for all your insane medical bills after breaking your body in the rodeo… Then asks you to no longer rodeo… Then you get right back up on the bucking bronco and crush your spinal cord all over again… How is that going to turn out?

Something tells this Outsider we’re about to find out exactly how that turns out in Yellowstone Season 4. Take a look, courtesy of the show’s official Twitter:

From love-interest Mia screaming Jimmy’s name, to beloved father-figure Lloyd taking a hard right hook, things do not look good in this glimpse at Season 4. The trailer is fast, choppy, and intense, too. There’s a lot going on here, to say the least.

“When I saw you rodeo, I saw a really happy man,” we hear Mia say as the trailer harkens back to Jimmy’s first accident early on. By the end of the trailer, she’s crying over his immobile body.

As fan Beth P. comments on the new trailer, “Not looking good. Should have learned to rope, Jimmy…”

Dead or Alive: The Future of Jimmy Hurdstrom in ‘Yellowstone’

Yet as sharp fans will note, actor Jefferson White has been cast in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone spinoff, 6666.

So what’s really going to happen with Jimmy in Yellowstone’s future? Can he be dead, and 6666 takes place in the past like fellow spinoff 1883? Would Season 4 start off with such a hefty reveal? Stranger, and far more scarring things have happened on the show.

In the full Season 4 trailer, we clearly see a lifeless Jimmy being propped up by a hysterical Mia. He’s wearing the same backwards hat and outfit we left him in at the end of Season 3, too. In short: the story picks up right where we left off with Jimmy on the ranch. And by all accounts, the young man looks dead. But then there’s the Hollywood “hiccup” of his casting in 6666.

Announced earlier this year, Jefferson White’s casting for Texas-based 6666 is old news now. Walker’s Ryan Bingham will saddle up for the spinoff alongside, as well. Both men are bound to Yellowstone Ranch in big ways, however. So wouldn’t death be the only way out?

We’ll find out more come November 7 for Yellowstone Season 4‘s two-episode premiere.