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Watch: Yellowstone Releases Video Highlighting Kayce and Monica Dutton’s Relationship

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Yellowstone Photo Gallery via Press Page / Viacom

In a deeply moving TBT video, the official Yellowstone Twitter account is reliving the loving highs and heartbreaking lows of Kayce and Monica Dutton.

Few conflicts stir audiences like that of a couple meant for one another. As any married folk will tell you, however, it’s not always easy. To this end, the magnificently complicated relationship between Monica and Kayce Dutton is a cornerstone of Yellowstone.

In addition to brilliant writing, the highs and lows of Monica & Kayce Dutton are sold through phenomenal performances from Kelsey Asbille and Luke Grimes. Together, their undeniable chemistry makes for the most powerful couple on television’s most celebrated drama.

To celebrate this in turn, the Yellowstone team has put together a touching-to-heartbreaking montage of Kayce & Monica Dutton and the flux of their marriage.

“I think it is [Kayce’s] dream come true to have his woman by his side out in nature,” Kayce actor Luke Grimes clarifies. “Living this lifestyle that he loves and is part of his legacy. And to have her actually fall in love with it, too – I think he’s over the moon.”

Kayce & Monica Dutton Define Love on Yellowstone

Monica is a Native American born within the lands of the Dutton Ranch. After marrying one of the Dutton boys, Kayce, she gave birth to John’s grandson, Tate.

A key part of Monica’s role in the show has been centered around her Native American heritage. As such, the duality of Monica’s development has been incredibly interesting to watch over the first three seasons. As she becomes increasingly torn between her Native American upbringing on the reservation and her love of the Duttons, Monica becomes torn between the safety of her only son – and embracing both sides of his heritage.

During the “Grandpa’s Story” reel, John Dutton asks Tate if he knows how to ride a horse.

“Course I do. I’m Indian,” Tate smiles.

“Yeah, maybe so,” his grandpa John replies. “But you’re a cowboy today.”

As their relationship blooms into one of deep love, Tate is placed in unintentional – and grave danger – several times over. Within the video, we see both Monica and Kayce struggle with this deeply. And it makes for some of the best television of the decade.

Monica Wants to “Get Back to Their Beginning”

Monica, through all of this, however, never loses her love for Kayce and the Dutton clan.

“Monica’s always trying to get back to their beginning, in a way. Where it was just him and Tate and it’s simple,” Asbille adds.

“The campground allows for them to be in this dream world altogether – away from these incredible challenges they have to overcome… Luke and I really root for these characters. To see the scrips come in and to see them be happy [in this latest season] is such a relief.”

Audiences, as a result, absolutely agree.

Yellowstone will return for Season 4 in 2021. Stay tuned to Outsider.com for the announcement of the official release date.

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