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WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Reminds Fans Why You Don’t Mess With John Dutton

by Kayla Zadel
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

John Dutton says and does what we’re all thinking and sometimes too scared to do. This is especially true when he’s dealing with his enemies.

He owns a massive 520,000-acre ranch in Montana that’s been in the family for 6-generations. So yes, John’s made some enemies because his land has been under attack for several years.

This clip reminds us of John’s “don’t mess me with me” attitude. The caption simply states, “I plan to.”

The video is of John addressing one of his enemies. “Wade, you have something that belongs to me,” John says. His adversary, Wade, replies, “Come and get it.”

The patriarch replies with three simple words, “I plan to.”

A couple of important lessons that we’ve learned about John in “Yellowstone” is that when he says he’s going to do something, he follows up on his word. Additionally, he doesn’t take any flack from anybody. This can be backed up by one of our favorite John Dutton quotes from the award-winning show.

“It wasn’t a move. I’m just meaner than you,” Dutton delivers coldly.

What Does John Dutton Want Back from Wade?

Warning, this is a spoiler alert if you have yet to finish all three seasons of “Yellowstone.” As soon as Dutton mentioned that his enemy had something of his, we immediately started questioning what that could be. Is it cattle, or maybe a horse, or even some family heirloom?

None of the guesses above were right. We knew that we shouldn’t have limited our thoughts to material possessions. In the second to last episode of season three, “Meaner Than Evil,” we find out exactly what Wade took from John.

The scene might be hard for some to watch, but we shockingly learn that Wade used to be one of John’s wranglers. How do we know? Wade wears the rocking-Y brand. However, we’ve learned that it’s only the trusted wranglers that receive the logo. This can only mean that the brand is what John is referring to when he confronts Wade in the diner.

The ending is a gruesome one for Wade. Walker, a current Yellowstone Ranch wrangler, cuts off the patch of skin that emblazons the Y-brand. Then the wranglers complete their enactment of revenge on the traitor.

Like we mentioned earlier, John’s a man of his word. This is just one example from the hit TV series.