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WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Goofs Off With Mom on Dutton Ranch Trail Ride

by Shelby Scott
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

On Sunday, Yellowstone fans were reintroduced to one crucial four-legged character, Tate Dutton’s horse Lucky. Tate actor Brecken Merrill revealed the return of the young cowboy’s steed after the fifth episode of season five aired. Then, on Tuesday—days before fans tune in to Yellowstone‘s next all-new episode—Merrill shared behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram. His video shows himself and his mom “goofing off” on one of the show’s trail rides.

Set to artist Shane Guerrette’s “Lost Without,” the 14-year-old TV star wrote, “This song slaps! It needs a trail ride video but instead you get footage of my mom and me goofing off with Almarie.”

After pointing out Lucky in his previous post, we again find the Yellowstone star atop the horse whose real name is Storm. Per his post, Merrill’s mom is riding a horse named Fred. Compared to Lucky, Fred has a bit of a temper. The Yellowstone star continued, “Fred’s a great horse but he will bite anything he can get his teeth on. Whomever rode him always had to play the don’t-let-Fred-get-ya game.”

Fans were thrilled to see more of Tate and Lucky after catching a quick glimpse of the duo at the end of the episode, “Watch ‘Em Ride Away.”

In the comments, one fan wrote, “Storm is a beautiful buckskin!! It was nice to see you ride him with the rest of the cast!!”

A second Yellowstone fan gushed, “So adorable you are.”

Be sure to catch episode six of season five when it airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Paramount Network.

‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill Talks Tate’s Fate During Outsider Exclusive

As is the case with most of Yellowstone‘s characters, Tate Dutton’s fate remains a mystery, with his father Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) tasked with determining what the future will look like for his family. However, as we wait to see what comes next for Kayce, Monica, and Tate Dutton in season five, Brecken Merrill shared his hopes for his character during a recent Outsider exclusive.

Though Tate Dutton boasts a dual legacy, with one foot rooted to the Dutton Ranch and the other sunk in the long history of his Native American ancestors, Merrill said, “Me, personally? I hope I become a Dutton. I hope I own that ranch someday.”

Still, the 14-year-old actor assured us that even if that is Tate’s fate, it’s likely we won’t see that happen within the context of Yellowstone. Instead, he said, “I think that’s another show for another time, but I would love to play the next John Dutton, for sure.”

Part of his hopes for his Yellowstone character is rooted in his cowboy training. After spending several years on the set alongside series creator Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the cast as they partake in “cowboy camp” each year, Brecken Merrill has fallen in love with the cowboy way of life.

“After filming Yellowstone,” the actor gushed, “I was like, ‘Dude, cowboys are sick! I gotta watch more frickin’ Western shows!”