WATCH: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Denim Richards Captures Mind-Blowingly ‘Picturesque’ Sunset Over Dutton Ranch

by Lauren Boisvert

“Yellowstone” star Denim Richards recently posted an amazing sunset from the set of the series, sharing the glories of a Montana evening with the rest of us. He captioned the Instagram video “Picturesque,” and it really is. The sky looks like a painting.

The video slowly pans across the corrals and a group of horses. The barn with the Dutton ranch logo is visible, and beyond that, a gorgeous orange and yellow sky. There are almost no words for how beautiful the sunset is in Montana. The trees, the mountains in the distance, the billowing orange clouds. It’s something out of a cowboy’s dream.

First ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode Title Revealed

Currently, “Yellowstone” is deep in the middle of filming, with a November 13 premiere date on the horizon for season 5. Recently, Beth Dutton star Kelly Reilly gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at a pile of scripts for the new season. We got a glimpse of some of the episode titles, and they’re all vague and give nothing away, as usual. Imagine if “Yellowstone” used the episode naming convention of “Friends”? We’d have episodes called “The One Where Jamie Kills His Biological Dad” and “The One Where Kayce Goes On a Confusing Vision Quest.”

Either way, we have the official first episode title for season 5; “One Hundred Years is Nothing.” Now, my mind immediately went to an “1883” flashback, but remembered that “Yellowstone” is never that cut and dry. 100 years after “1883” is only 1983, and there hasn’t been any indication that anything happened in the “Yellowstone” world in that year. So I don’t think it has anything to do with the Duttons’ ancestors.

We’re definitely anticipating a heavy storyline in season 5. This title is already ominous and slightly threatening. Taylor Sheridan is singlehandedly writing this episode, with Stephen Kay back to direct. Kay has directed most of the series’ big episodes, including the last three finales. So, we’re expecting something big for this opener.

Hamilton, Montana Mayor Speaks on ‘Mixed Feelings’ About Filming There

According to Kevin Costner, filming is about halfway done, so the cast and crew will be out of Montana in a few months. Hamilton, Montana mayor Dominic Farrenkopf spoke about “mixed feelings” from residents about “Yellowstone” filming in their state.

“They want to use a lot of different sites to film their show,” said Farrenkopf said to NBC Montana. “The city of Hamilton, we have really nice streets, really nice parks, really nice buildings, and so they are able to come in and look at those and say with a few small modifications we can make this work for our set.”

The city is definitely gaining financially from “Yellowstone” filming there, but there’s also the consequences of people now moving in droves to Montana to live the “Yellowstone” lifestyle. Plus, the inconvenience of everyday life being disrupted by film crews in the streets.

“We have mixed feelings, of course,” Farrenkopf admitted. “We have plenty of people who are excited about having something like this in our city. Then we have some people say they are kind of in our town, they are a little bit of nuisance or a little bit of an inconvenience, something like that.”