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We Found a Match: John Dutton’s ‘Yellowstone’ Whiskey Glasses Show Up in ‘1923’

by Jon D. B.
John Dutton whiskey glass Yellowstone 1923
Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 7. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Ever since Kevin Cosnter’s Dutton patriarch almost broke a priceless family heirloom, Yellowstone fans have pondered each appearance of whiskey glassware on prequel series 1923. Specifically, this has us all wondering: Have John Dutton’s whiskey decanter and glasses from Yellowstone shown up in 1923? And do they mark Spencer, or Jack Dutton as his true grandfather?

To start, it’s worth noting that we’ve delved deep into this subject with our previous coverage and disproved that any of the decanters of 1923 are the one that John almost tosses in Yellowstone Season 5. But SPOILER ALERT: We found an exact match to John’s whiskey glass in the prequel, so let’s take an in-depth look. And as always, be warned of other spoilers ahead for both shows:

Are John Dutton’s famous whiskey decanter and glasses in Yellowstone family heirlooms featured in 1923 scenes? From the prequel’s glassware in episodes 4 to 6, here’s what we know so far.


As our video shows with studio press images, screenshots, and footage from both shows, those whiskey glasses from 1923 Season 1, Episode 4 were not a match to John’s on Yellowstone despite multiple outlets claiming as much and running with it. Yet one thing has become clear: Dutton mastermind Taylor Sheridan is going to continue to tease us with whiskey glassware. The man knows what he’s doing, and he’s good at it.

So much so, in fact, that Sheridan & Co. have already included the whiskey glassware of Kevin Costner‘s John Dutton in 1923. We just all missed it!

John Dutton’s ‘Yellowstone’ Whiskey Glass Appears in ‘1923’: CONFIRMED

As we worked on the video above, our wizard of an editor and Senior Media Producer Brandon found John’s glass in 1923. And not only is that Yellowstone relic in the prequel, it’s inside the Dutton Yellowstone manor in said prequel.

As Cara (Helen Mirren) is nursing Jacob (Harrison Ford) back to health mid Season 1, the glass tumbler on his bedside table is, in fact, an exact match to John’s in Yellowstone. We reveal this in the video above, so be sure to give it a full watch to see this incredible thru-line.

As far as this family’s story is concerned, this discovery means these linear-patterned tumblers exist in the Dutton manor a full century prior to Yellowstone Season 5, and stick around to be inherited by their ancestors. Well played, Sheridan.

What we have yet to see, however, is that Swarovski decanter John almost pitched across the room amid his modern cattle debacle in Season 5, Episode 7. And as the mystery of the Dutton Family Tree continues, Sheridan will surely place that Swarovski whiskey decanter into a future episode of 1923, too. I’d bet it’ll be by name, as well, so the minute we all hear “Swarovski” on 1923, it’s time to pin down the Dutton Family Tree.

Will John Dutton’s Grandfather be Jack or Spencer? And What Will That Mean?

If/when that decanter shows up, we’ll know if the grandfather of John Dutton is Spencer (making John the fourth generation to helm the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch)… Or if it’s Jack (which would keep John the fifth generation Montana rancher Jamie announced him as in Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 1). That’s important, too, as it’s one of the only solid mentions of direct lineage for John we have in Yellowstone. And it came after Sheridan had begun work on 1923.

Either way, once we know, it’ll all be courtesy of the power of whiskey. We’ll drink to that.

Who do you think are the true grandparents of Yellowstone’s John Dutton? Is it steely Spencer and firecracker Alexandra? Or is it young buck Jack and hopeless romantic Elizabeth? Let us know in the comments on our YouTube breakdown above. If you enjoy, give us a like on the video, then subscribe for weekly Yellowstone updates. And as always, thanks for being with us here at Outsider.