What Is the Carhartt Jacket Ryan Bingham Wears on ‘Yellowstone’?

by Shelby Scott
Paramount Press Center

There’s always some sort of trouble taking place at the “Yellowstone” Dutton Ranch. But no matter the trouble, our characters always seem to look good taking part. One character especially known for causing trouble, and boasting a rather iconic statement piece of a hat, is our guitar-playing jailbird, Walker. Walker, played by actor Ryan Bingham is most commonly associated with his near-white, feathered cowboy hat. And while it appears in every episode (and has us wondering where to snag such a fashionable piece), fans have also taken note of Bingham’s equal-parts fashionable and functional Carhartt jacket. If you happen to be one of those fans, we went to the trouble of finding the closest available article just for you.

Where to Find Ryan Bingham’s Carhartt Jacket:

If you’ve watched every single episode of “Yellowstone,” you know only a few clothing pieces appear multiple times. Examples include Rip’s aviator sunglasses, Kayce’s sweat-stained cowboy hat, and Beth’s shiny, silver cigarette case.

However, plenty more items appear just once, like Beth Dutton’s iconic blue hooded cloak from season two.

Meanwhile, “Yellowstone” fans found one practical piece on Ryan Bingham that has us all looking to grow our Carhartt collection. On Reddit, one fan shared a still frame capturing the Walker actor on horseback, having donned his iconic cowboy hat and a tan, button-up, double chest pocketed jacket way back in season two.

With fans on a mission to mimic the series’ most iconic, yet totally work-wearable looks, we went on our own mission to find it.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find the exact jacket. After all, it’s been several years since season two debuted, and styles are always changing. However, if you’re willing to settle for a similar piece, look no further than the Carhartt Super Dux™ Relaxed Fit Lightweight Mock Neck Jacket.

Introducing Outsiders to a Walker-Style Windbreaker

Perfect for spring, we’re ready to pack away our flannel-lined hooded Carhartts and roll out our lighter workwear.

The above link takes you to Carhartt’s website, where you’ll find a similar jacket to Bingham’s. And while the lightweight rain jacket and windbreaker doesn’t exactly mimic Walker’s, it boasts the same shape and fit as the season two wardrobe piece.

In fact, you might actually prefer this jacket as its pockets seem a lot more accessible than those occupying Ryan Bingham’s jacket in the Reddit post.

If you’re looking for an exact color match, I would recommend “Greige,” though Carhartt looks good in almost any neutral color.

Other Fan-Favorite ‘Yellowstone’ Looks:

You’re already familiar with Rip’s shades and Kayce’s old, beat-up hat, but there’s no lack of Western fashion when it comes to our “Yellowstone” cast. And for those of you looking for more variety, we’ve compiled more than a few lists identifying some of our favorite looks from the series.

Style Through the Seasons:

  • John Dutton’s Orange & Khaki Jacket:
    As mentioned before, there are few articles of “Yellowstone” clothing that make the cut in the series more than once. But this colorful JD look has made multiple appearances across the series, debuting way back in season one.

    John’s orange and khaki jacket has made appearances in three of “Yellowstone’s” four seasons so far. So if you’re looking for an original “Yellowstone” piece, nothing comes closer to the core than John Dutton’s orange and khaki jacket.
  • Beth Dutton‘s Checked Flared-Cuff Shirt:
    Recall Beth’s statement sleeves from season two that sported flared cuffs and loose, wispy sleeves? We found that dressy spring style for you as well. And whether you’re out for coffee or soul-crushing, as the Beth Duttons of the world do, then this springy style might just be for you.
  • Rip’s Iconic Ray-Bans:
    If you’re a fiend for sunglasses, like me, then you’ve probably long found yourself in love with Rip’s Ray-Ban aviators. And fortunately, as a true “Yellowstone” staple, we’ve taken the time to find those bad boys for you as well. Head to the brand’s website to find a variety of Rip’s single statement piece. While Rip boasts the gold frames, they offer gunmetal gray for fans looking for a more neutral tone.