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What Could ’Yellowstone’s Cryptic ‘I’m Not Done’ Teaser Mean for Tate Dutton in Season 4?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“I’m not done.” Yellowstone‘s latest teaser attributes this line to a cryptic Tate Dutton teaser; complete with crows and a tombstone. But what does it all mean?

This is a good one. Right off the bat, the exact line “I’m not done” isn’t one any character has made into a catchphrase on cable’s #1 drama. Yet here we are just four Sundays away from the premiere of Season 4 and Yellowstone is using it to tease… Something about the littlest Dutton.

Within their social teaser, we see young Tate Dutton as he will appear in Season 4. He’s cast in an ominous black & white shadowy frame. In the foreground, the outline of the Yellowstone brand – a Rocking, Hooked Y – can be seen made into a gravestone. As crows caw in the background, one lands on the tombstone.

So what, then, could “I’m not done” mean in conjunction with pre-teen Tate Dutton? He’s been through hell and back in his short life, sure. But he wasn’t exactly on any sort of murder-spree when we left him. Quite the opposite.

“Just four Sundays away. Who’s ready for the season 4 premiere?”


It’s been such a long wait for Yellowstone Season 4 that speculation has become the name of the game. If we take a look at where we last saw Tate, however – and where his family is now – we can garner some clues.

‘Yellowstone’ Teaser: The Implications

Over the course of Seasons 2 & 3, Tate formed a much closer relationship to his grandfather. This has been wonderful for John Dutton himself, but has came at a cost for Tate. It literally made him a target, and led to the harrowing, gut-wrenching race to save the child’s life that ended Season 2.

By Season 3’s end, Kayce and Monica are deciding whether they’ll homeschool Tate on Yellowstone Ranch or not. It’s a good call if they do, as it will keep Tate out of the public eye and harm’s way. Then, the unimaginable happens as assassination hits come for his father, grandfather, and aunt.

Then, by way of the Season 4 trailer, we know Tate ends up directly in this mess, too. So is his mother, Monica, as we see both Duttons escaping the men who came after Kayce.

All of this in mind, “I’m not done” has come huge implications for Tate.

Yellowstone has made it clear that everything hinges on Tate Dutton. He is the future of his family’s empire, bloodline, and everything in-between. By assigning this “I’m not done” moniker to the youngster, this becomes even clearer.

Tate Dutton Likely to ‘Step Up’ in Season 4

The overall feeling this teaser delivers is that Tate will play a far larger role in the proceedings to come. He is on the cusp of manhood now, and has already had to grow up far too fast.

As he enters his teenage years, it feels highly likely that Tate will take a more active role – at least psychologically – in the survival of his family.

With danger a now-constant for the Duttons, Kayce is likely to train his son. This Outsider would bet solid money on another Yellowstone training montage for Tate – with true firearms this time for Tate and not a BB gun. No matter where Tate ends up, he’s going to have to know how to protect himself.

In short: Tate isn’t done. His story is only beginning.