What did Kayce See in ‘Yellowstone’ Finale?

by Joe Rutland

Kayce Dutton was on a trip within his own mind in the Season 4 finale of Yellowstone. What in the world did he actually see?

So, Kayce is played by Luke Grimes in the Paramount Network drama. We will get some help in finding this answer from an article by The Cinemaholic.

He tells Monica, his wife, played by Kelsey Asbille, that he saw the end of their relationship. This news comes on the heels of finding out that Monica is pregnant with another child for them.

But also, Yellowstone fans see Kayce attempt to make sense of his frequent wolf sightings. He gets some advice from Chief Rainwater, played by Gil Birmingham, and Mo, played by Moses Brings Plenty. They point Kayce to a cliff, where he will find his answers.

‘Yellowstone’ Character’s Visions Lead Him To Dead Brother, Avery

While a vision quest hopefully provides profound, positive visions, this was not the case for Kayce.

On Yellowstone, Kayce meets up with his dead brother, Lee Dutton, played by Dave Annable. Then we see him kissing Avery, played by Tanaya Beatty.

Yeah, these are some bad dreams. He’s looking for their deeper meanings, though.

Finally, the wolf turns into a human form and leads Kayce to the cliff’s edge. He sees two paths and must choose one.

What does the wolf promise? To help Kayce walk whichever road he chooses.

Yet a more prevalent question might be what does this mean for Kayce and Monica? What does the future hold for them and the baby that Monica is carrying right now?

These are just a couple of questions, among many, that Yellowstone fans have when it comes to Kayce. It will have to take us into Season 5, Outsiders, before some answers can be received.

We all will wait until the fall of 2022, probably, for that new season to hit on the Paramount Network.

Grimes Talks About His Favorite Scene to Film For Season 4

Ask actors who are cast members on shows which scenes were their favorites. They all will find one that immediately stands out in their minds.

Grimes is no different as the Yellowstone actor talks about the one that makes him smile.

He mentions it in an interview with TV Insider.

“The shootout scene in Episode 1 was an adrenaline rush,” Grimes says. That’s where we find John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, lying on the side of a road bloody as hell.

“There was a lot going on there,” he says. “We got the big car crash and the weapons and everybody running around. I’d never been in a scene that hectic before, and it was actually a lot of fun to try to make happen.”