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What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Really Think About Garrett Randall’s Involvement in Dutton Attacks

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

As a new season of the hit series “Yellowstone” grows closer, there is a ton of mystery surrounding the show.

Chief among those mysteries is just who carried out the attacks on the Dutton family. There is no shortage of suspects with motivation to get rid of the Dutton family. Plenty of entities on the show would love to claim Yellowstone Ranch as their own. One of the primary suspects is Jamie Dutton’s biological father, Garrett Randall.

We are introduced to Randall in the third season shortly after Jamie Dutton discovers that he was adopted as an infant. Almost immediately, suspicion is cast upon Randall as viewers aren’t sure whose side he is on — if he’s on any side. He seemingly suggests to Jamie that he take out his adopted father, John Dutton, and take over the family ranch. Many “Yellowstone” fans speculate that Randall has some ulterior motives that have yet to come to light. In a recent Reddit thread, fans make a case for why Randall is and isn’t involved in the attack.

“I’m new to posting on this forum so this may have been brought up before,” the thread starter says. “I’m wondering if Jamie’s father is behind all of the drama at the end of Season 3. He did tell Jamie that in order to be the leader he must take out the leader (something like that). What are your thoughts?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Garrett Randall

As you might expect, there are a lot of theories and thoughts on Garrett Randall’s involvement in the Dutton family attack. Some “Yellowstone” fans believe he is the mastermind behind the plot to take the Duttons out. Others believe he had nothing to do with and might end up as an ally to the Duttons.

“Garrett Randall is a suspect, for sure, among many others,” another Redditor says. “But thinking it through, he’s an ex-con, he lives in a rented rathole, welding fences or whatever he does. How would he have the wherewithal to hire various teams of professional assassins who create and then plant a bomb in Beth’s office, attack Kayce’s office in the middle of town in broad daylight with machine guns, ambush John on the side of the road and then send a team to attack and ravage the ranch?”

These are also excellent points brought up but another Reddit user and “Yellowstone” fan.

While Garrett Randall may or may not be behind the attacks on the Dutton family, there is a mastermind behind it all. It could be the Market Equities, the Broken Rock Tribe or even Jamie himself.

One thing is for certain and that is every “Yellowstone” fan is super excited for the return of our favorite show on November 7.