What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Saying About Kelly Reilly Before Episode 3

by Lauren Boisvert
(Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton - Photo by Paramount Network Press)

“Yellowstone” is returning with a new episode tonight, Nov. 20, and we’re gearing up for episode 3 by reading what fans have to say about the show. Specifically, praise for Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton.

Beth is a character we love to hate and hate to love. She’s difficult, to say the least. But, a lot of fans really love her. And Kelly Reilly is hands-down the best at portraying her in all her glory. Fans took to Twitter ahead of the third episode to discuss their theories and to heap praise on Kelly Reilly for her acting.

“I am enjoying this current season of [‘Yellowstone’] and think the character [Beth Dutton] is one of the best and most interesting characters ever created for television,” wrote one fan. “Or it could just be that [Kelly Reilly] is perfectly cast for the part.”

Another fan posted a snapshot of Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser as Beth and Rip from the season premiere. “Love [‘Yellowstone’],” they wrote, “especially [Cole Hauser] and [Kelly Reilly]…big fan.”

Yet another “Yellowstone” fan posted a Gif of Beth saying her iconic line, “You are the trailer park, I am the tornado.” They wrote alongside, “I’m so sorry but we all know that the main reason people watch [‘Yellowstone’] is [the] one and only [Kelly Reilly]. [Beth and Rip] are the best [things] that happened to that show and us.”

Kelly Reilly is a true powerhouse of an actress and has to be in order to portray a character like Beth Dutton. She’s difficult, fierce, and sometimes malicious, but Kelly Reilly does a fantastic job with her.

Does Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton Deserve a Redemption Arc on ‘Yellowstone’?

Beth Dutton is a great character according to fans, but there’s something about her continuing feud with Jamie that’s getting a little old. Her one-liners are a bit stale and outlandish, and we’re wondering if she deserves a redemption arc or not.

We think it’s about time that Beth let go of at least some of her resentments. She’s been hanging onto this feud with Jamie for so long that it’s getting slightly tired and predictable. Beth hasn’t been growing as a character, but is that little moment with Rip after the flashback a look into the future? Where Beth feels regret and faces the consequences of her actions finally?

Essentially, Beth has turned into a high school bully when it comes to Jamie. She torments him, and for what? This will only be satisfying if she finally has to face some sort of consequence. She’s skirted by on her name and her presence for so long, but will her actions come back to bite her?

I for one believe that Beth could do a lot with a redemption arc. I’m not saying tone down her character, wash her out, or make her weak. There’s no weakness in redemption or apology. What I’m saying is, at the end, either redeem Beth, or let her go to her fate.