When Can You Watch ‘1883’ Episodes 2 And 3 on Paramount Plus?

by Lauren Boisvert

“1883” finally premiered on Sunday, Dec. 19, and we’re already chomping at the bit for episodes 2 and 3. So, when can we expect the next two installments?

Well, episodes 1 and 2 were made available on Paramount+ with the premiere. Paramount+ is currently $4.99 a month with ads, or $9.99 a month for premium. As for when episode 2 will be available on the Paramount Network, it looks like we’ll all have a nice little holiday present on Dec. 26. in the form of “1883.”

Episodes will be available on Paramount+ a week before they air on the Paramount Network, so episode 3 will be available on the streaming service on Dec. 26. It will most likely air on Jan. 2 on the network.

On ‘1883’: Taylor Sheridan Wrote the Show ‘Like a Novel’

We’ve been waiting forever for “1883” and when it finally premiered, the “Yellowstone” prequel didn’t disappoint. Creator Taylor Sheridan promised it would be a massive production, and he wasn’t wrong. But as for how he went about writing the show, Sheridan approached the story “like a novel.”

In an interview with the “1883” Instagram page, Sheridan described his process when writing “1883.” He said in the clip, “When all of the pieces of my brain came together for ‘1883,’ I decided to write it like a novel and then just film the novel.”

Sheridan’s writing process for television also includes writing “10-hour movies.” He told Deadline recently, “I don’t know how to make a TV show. I don’t have any idea and don’t really care to learn […] I write 10-hour movies and go shoot them. I don’t have a writers room, I’ve written them all myself […] I don’t do outlines. I’ve just sat down and written all the episodes before we started filming. That way everybody knows what we’re doing, all the way through.”

I beg to differ that Taylor Sheridan doesn’t know how to make a TV show; he knows how to write television, he just doesn’t know how to write boring television. He mentions that contemporary television has tropes and topics that he doesn’t know how to write for. “There are certain tropes and structures that TV shows have relied on for a really, really long time,” he told Deadline. “Certain buttons and A stories and B stories that you can drop them into any show, I don’t do that.”

He mentions that it’s difficult for anyone to come from outside and try to “figure out this bizarre stream-of-consciousness writing I do, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to them.” Sheridan is hands-on, and dedicated; he writes one complete season, takes a break, then comes back and writes the next 10 episodes. “I’ve just sat down and written all the episodes before we started filming,” he explained. “That way everybody knows what we’re doing, all the way through.” No surprises for those involved, but plenty of surprises for fans, that’s for sure.