Where Is Jimmy in the ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Trailer? Here’s What We Know

by Alex Falls
Greg Doherty / Stringer / Getty

Yellowstone fans are eagerly waiting for the fifth season to finally begin after the emotional season four finale last year. Viewers finally got their first look at the highly-anticipated episodes when the first trailer for season five dropped yesterday. So far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive to the first trailer, and fans cannot wait for season five.

In the trailer, we get to see just about every face return for the next season of Yellowstone. But conspicuous by his absence in the trailer is ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom, played by Jefferson White. Fans might be wondering why we don’t get a glimpse of Jimmy.

Since the trailer only just dropped yesterday, there’s still a lot to learn about our favorite characters and where they’re heading. But Jimmy’s absence in the trailer could be explained by one thing. He could be set to lead his own spinoff.

6666 is in development as one of several spinoffs to Yellowstone. The new series is still in the early stages of development, but we know it will revolve around some familiar faces on their own Texas ranch. Jimmy will likely play a big part in the new show. Hence his absence from the upcoming season of Yellowstone.

White surely learned a lot from his time on the show before he goes off to greener pastures. Including from Dutton patriarch and famed Hollywood actor-director Kevin Costner. Along with co-star Luke Grimes, White shared that Costner led by example to the entire cast.

“I would say his worth ethic, how much he really cares,” Grimes said. “I always say, at the level he’s at, he wouldn’t have to work that hard or care that much. He’s Kevin Costner. He could show up and phone it in and no one would say anything. But he really deeply still cares about the material and about the quality of his work, and how much he invests in making every single scene as good as possible.”

White added, “Yeah, that permeates all the way down the call sheet. He takes it so seriously — it’s such a labor of love for him every day that he’s on set. That energy permeates everybody in the cast and the crew. And it really starts to feel like a personal labor of love for a crew of 150, for a cast of 30. His leadership at the head of that really trickles down in amazing ways.”

Yellowstone Star Jefferson White Teases His Next Project

While we might not see White in the Yellowstone season five trailer, the actor did recently tease another upcoming project. He posted a special look at God’s Country on his Instagram.

“GOD’S COUNTRY opens in 600 theaters nationwide this weekend,” White wrote in the caption area. “It’s a true labor of love, made in Montana over the course of two years. I feel very lucky to be a small part of it alongside some of my favorite actors and filmmakers in the world!! Here’s the king @jorisjarsky on 120.”