Who Is Kelly Reilly Married To? Everything We Know About Her Husband

by Shelby Scott

As a longtime cast member on one of our favorite series, we’ve watched actress Kelly Reilly grow into her dynamic “Yellowstone” role as Beth Dutton. During the four years that she’s occupied the role, her relationship with on-screen partner Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) has matured.

What began in the style of what I can only appropriately call FWB (if I were to call it anything) transformed into a lifelong commitment. However, in reality, Kelly Reilly is married to her “doting” husband, Kyle Baugher. Now, we’re here to provide the DL on the couple’s genuine relationship.

Who is Kyle Baugher?

While Beth Dutton might have a thing for no-nonsense cowboy, Kelly Reilly’s preferences lie elsewhere.

According to Parade, the “Yellowstone” actress’s husband, Kyle Baugher, works as a financier. Ironically, Beth Dutton occupied a similar position early on in the neo-Western. Fans will recall her position working for Bob Schwartz (Michael Nouri) of Schwarts & Meyer. That said, perhaps Reilly gained some of her character’s knowledge for financing from her financially-minded husband.

Nicki Swift reports that before marrying Kelly Reilly and becoming a financier, he attended Princeton University. Baugher later graduated in 2002 with a BA in history. From there, he pursued a career as a financier, with The List estimating his net worth at about $800,000.

Aside from his occupation, education, and marital status, little is known about Kelly Reilly’s other half. The outlet reports that Kyle Baugher has no social media presence and that he can only be found on LinkedIn.

On multiple occasions, the “Yellowstone” actress has highlighted her and her husband’s preference for time spent outside of the spotlight. She instead remains much more open about her role as Beth Dutton. Often, we can find the actress sharing juicy details pertaining to her character and the series she’s famous for.

How Does Kelly Reilly’s Marriage Compare to That of Beth Dutton?

“Yellowstone” fans love to watch Beth Dutton and Rip Wheeler get into all kinds of adventures on the Dutton Ranch. However, Kelly Reilly and her husband Kyle Baugher share a much more conservative marriage.

In a previous interview, Kelly Reilly revealed that she is “fiercely protective” of her relationship. She only revealed publicly that she and her husband wed the same year they met. Parade reports the couple married in 2012, with the ceremony having taken place in Somerset, England.

As far as we know, the private couple shares no children, despite Beth Dutton’s adoration for them in “Yellowstone.”

So far, she’s made no mention of having children. Additionally, her social media pages lack proof of little Reilly babies.

Kelly Reilly Prefers to Call NYC ‘Home’

Further, despite her unwillingness to share personal details about her relationship, Kelly Reilly has been a lot more open about her and her husband’s living arrangements.

While the actress originally hails from Chessington in the United Kingdom, she actually has grown to prefer life in New York City.

“England is always home, but I have made my life here [in the U.S.],” Reilly shared with The Guardian in 2014. She further shared, “I suffered terrible homesickness at first—for English people, pubs, humor, all my friends and family—but I love New York, it’s my favorite city.”

That said, the couple currently live in the Big Apple together.

Altogether, Kelly Reilly and her husband share a totally different style of relationship than she and her on-screen partner have over the course of four seasons.