Why ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Iffy About Idea of a Movie Based on Show

by Leanne Stahulak

While “Yellowstone” fans can’t wait for Season 4 to premiere next month and the “1883” spin-off to debut after that, they’re less sure about the idea of a movie based on the show.

Paramount has not announced that “Yellowstone” will get a movie years down the road. But it is becoming a more and more common trend, especially for highly successful series. Several studios want to capitalize on that success and keep the momentum of that story and those characters moving forward. A movie featuring the same cast as the show gives viewers another glimpse into that world after they thought they left it behind for good.

One “Yellowstone” fan posed the idea to others on Reddit recently. The new movie “The Many Saints of Newark,” based on the highly acclaimed show “The Sopranos,” inspired the question.

“I bet years down the line that we’ll get a movie about Kayce Son Tate being older and running the ranch,” the Reddit user wrote.

Everyone who responded to the post had the same opinion: it likely wouldn’t end well for Paramount or the legacy of “Yellowstone” to try and make a movie after it wraps. One fan eventually specifically mentioned “The Many Saints of Newark” and how is gotten only okay reviews so far.

“My sister was a Sopranos fanatic for years, much as we are here with Yellowstone,” the new Reddit user commented. “She just watched the Sopranos movie and couldn’t even get through it, finally turned it off in disgust. She said it was all over the place, barely made sense, had no feel at all of the original Sopranos series.”

The user continued, “If they make a movie out of ‘Yellowstone,’ it’ll just be to piggyback on a beloved series, just to rake in some extra bucks. Some original masterpieces are best left in one’s memory just as they are.”

What’s In Store Next for ‘Yellowstone?’

Even if fans were on board with a movie, it wouldn’t happen for several more years. “Downton Abbey” wrapped in 2016 after all and didn’t get a new movie until 2019.

But “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan isn’t quite finished with the Duttons’ story yet. In fact, he’s already expanding on it, with the new prequel show “1883” debuting in December.

Sheridan is playing it smart with “1883.” On the one hand, we see new characters in a new time period. Plus brand new stars like Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill.

But we also know a bit about these characters because of their ties to the present-day Duttons. All the importance John Dutton places on family had to originate somewhere, after all. We can see that legacy built from the ground up in the new spin-off series this December.